How to Write Effective Real Estate Ads

How to Write Effective Real Estate Ads

There are so many players in the real estate space; from individuals to property investors, and companies. The general consensus among these players is to sale or lease a property as quickly as possible. If you’re looking at listing any property then this guide is for you. We will look at How to Write Effective Real Estate Ads that spark the interest of prospective tenants / buyers.

There exist so many platforms for real estate stakeholders to showcase their property’s;

  • Classifieds
  • Billboards, banners,  and various forms of branding
  • Online platforms such as Be Forward Real Estate
  • Print publications
  • Other property listings spaces

Whichever route you go there is much to be made of the property description, included information and accompanying media. To put things into perspective, a property description is the written segment of a real estate listing that describes the details of a home for sale or lease.

The ultimate goal of a property description is to quickly attract home buyers. It goes without saying that listing descriptions need to be well orchestrated and make use of clever words. The general idea is to paint a clear mental picture of a home’s features and benefits, in addition to accompanying media.

Structure of a property listing

There are basically three core components of a real estate listing:

1. Property information

Property information
Property information

Simply put property information details specific data, facts and information about the property. Property information includes;

  • Physical address
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Property size
  • Asking price.

2. Property media


Media refers to either photographs or videos that will accompany the property information. In most instances media makes the first and strongest impression. Additionally, top quality pictures and professional videos help sell real estate up to 32% faster.

3. Property Description

Property description
Property description

A well thought property description will serve to give the reader a better feel if the property. Each home is unique and this is best captured in the description. A good description will clearly highlight what makes each home unique and interesting compared to other homes on the market. Property descriptions that stand out can help sell property faster.

Writing real estate descriptions

Real estate descriptions are usually made up of two core components, namely;

  • An opening statement
  • Property description body

Opening statement

The opening statement is generally constructed to serve as a “road map”  for whats to follow. A well-written and carefully structured opening statement plucks at the reader’s interest. It encourages the reader to continue reading the rest of the description. The best opening ceremonies have the following attributes:

  • Get the reader’s attention.
  • Bring out the value in the piece.
  • Pick at something unique about the property and use that to set the scene.

Property description body

The property description body is the segment used to elaborately expand on the property’s features and benefits. To help come up with a well written property description, here are a few guidelines:

  • Help readers visualise themselves living in the property. Make use of inherently creative words to create an intricate mental picture .
  • If the property comes equipped with appliances make sure to draw special attention to their brand names.
  • It is indispensable to list and describe any and all special features.
  • Catalogue all local area amenities so readers can appreciate the convenience of living in the property.
  • List upgrades – point out anything new, refinished or improved.
  • Above all resist the temptation to exaggerate. Exaggeration could lead to a home shopper’s disappointment.


Remember to structure your listings and advertisements correctly. A property listing has three core elements,

1. Property Information
2. Photographs
3. Property Description

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