5 Interior Colours For Winter

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5 Interior Colours For Winter

Winter is just around the corner and the weather is turning colder by the day. In this article we will give you advice on styling your  home with colours that are cosy for the season. There are plenty of ways to incorporate warm colours into your decor. Colours can be infused via art, fabrics, furniture, accessories, feature walls, or doors. Here are 5 Interior Colours For Winter to freshen your decor and help keep your home sunny and warm.


Burgundy is a rich dark and deep red colour leaning towards brown. This colour brings warmth, elegance and luxury to any interior space. This red hue creates an amazing statement against creamy neutrals and metallics like gold and copper. This colour can be used on feature walls, or in smaller areas like fabrics and accessories.


Orange is a delicate mix of red and yellow that is considered to be a representation of adventure, social communication, and optimism. This is not only a warm colour but it has a friendly and creative energy making it sociable and extroverted. Adding an orange accent to a grey scheme will add warmth and personality to a space.


The colour cocoa is a tone of dark brown that resembles chocolate. Cocoa has a neutral nuance that gives interior spaces a nice and toasty feel, just like a hot cup of steamy cocoa. Tip: Infuse cocoa with warm colors like red and gold, or cooler ones like blue for that classic wintry feel.


Terracotta is a rich earthy colour, resembling red clay soil, that is very popular in modern home decor. The red hue compliments many neutrals to create a vibrant, warm and cosy atmosphere. In addition to being a unique wall colour, terracotta looks beautiful in different textures of fabrics.


Mustard is a dark variation of yellow, which is one of the warmest colours. This will add a bright hit of colour to any space as it’s friendly and sociable traits make it the perfect colour to introduce to warm up your scheme.

Warm Winter Colour Tips

  • Deep warm colours will make a wall appear closer than it is. This gives the illusion of intimacy in large rooms.
  • Warm colours are typically friendly and sociable, making these colours ideal for kitchens, dining rooms or entrance halls.
  • Balance your decor scheme. Find an ideal balance between warm colours and cool complementary colours.

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