3 Bedroom House Plans

3 Bedroom House Plans

Three bedroom house plans are popular for good reasons.  It is the trendiest floor plan that suits any client depending on their needs. Where you place the three bedrooms on your house plan is up to you. There are three main constraints as you choose a three-bedroom house plan and these include needs, finance, plot size among others.


Needs differ from household to household even if the need for shelter is the bottom line. If you have small children you may consider planning all the bedrooms closer to each other so you can easily keep an eye on them. If you work from home you will plan your office away from the bedrooms and the entertainment areas. The plan you use if you have teenage children is different you may consider all the bedrooms far apart from each other.


Plot Size

The size of the plot where you want to construct will influence the type of structure you put up. Modern structures can be the trendiest bedroom configuration, 3 bedroom floor plans allow for a wide number of options and a broad range of functionality for any homeowner regardless of the plot size. However, you have to be careful not to have a huge mansion crammed onto a smallholding. The other turn off for any property is a house designed with such tiny rooms you cannot even fit a proper bed.


As do all building plans it comes down to how much you have and are willing to invest in the project. A three-bedroom house can be simple, use minimum materials but it can also be elegant and advanced or complicated.


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