Proven ways to increase your home’s value

Proven ways to increase your home's value

Buying a home is a major life achievement. But it’s also an investment in your financial future. Regular mortgage payments build up equity in your home over time. Moreover, there are upgrades and changes you can make to your home that increase its value quickly. This will subsequently result in a big return on your investment. Homeowners should look for easy, cost-effective ways to increase their home’s value over time, especially if they’re planning to sell in the future. Here are some proven ways to increase your home’s value and get a strong return on your investment.

Proven ways to increase your home’s value

Upgrade to high-demand finishes

If you’re hoping to sell soon, you can increase demand for your home by choosing upgrades that are popular among today’s buyers. This might mean installing stainless steel appliances and modern countertops in the kitchen. Smaller finishes can also affect buyer interest while keeping upgrade costs low. Consider simple changes such as switching from brass doorknobs and locks to brushed nickel material or swapping out yellow incandescent bulbs for brighter LED lights.

Invest in energy-efficient home features.

Today’s homebuyers tend to place a greater emphasis on eco-friendly features. This is due to both a greater focus on environmental issues and a recognition that energy efficiency saves money on utility bills. If you’re upgrading in-home appliances, seek out energy-efficient equipment that can lower the cost of your electricity and gas bills.

Spruce up your landscaping

Real estate agents talk about “curb appeal” for a reason. First impressions have a big impact on the sales value of your home. Affordable landscaping and other modest enhancements to the front of your exterior can help increase its value to both appraisers visiting your house and potential buyers looking for a home of their own.

Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are widely regarded as the rooms in a house that make the strongest impression on homebuyers. They’re also the fastest parts of your interior to become dated as appliances, finishes, and other décor fall out of style. This makes kitchen and bathroom upgrade an excellent place to spend your money. Bathrooms in particular are an excellent option for upgrades and renovations.

Cover up rough spots with a fresh coat of paint

A paint job carries a low cost for materials, but it can have a big impact on the eye appeal of your home. Whether you’re painting your living room, bedrooms, or even just the front door of your home, a bright coat of paint can make old surfaces look brand-new and add some instant charm to your home.

Final thoughts

These modest changes can improve the comfort of your home while you’re living there. Moreover, they can also increase your future list price when it comes time to sell. A home that gains value over time can provide a big financial leg up when you’re ready to upgrade to a larger, nicer home.

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