Things to consider when choosing trees for your yard

Things to consider when choosing trees for your yard

The right tree in the right place can create an inviting outdoor living space. Moreover, trees can frame a view, or simply add valuable shade or structure to your yard. But selecting a tree or two to buy for your yard usually requires a lot of consideration. With so many varieties to choose from, finding the trees can feel like a tall order. Plus, adding trees to your landscape can be a significant investment of both money and time. To help you, here are some things to consider when choosing trees for your yard.

Things to consider when choosing trees for your yard

Size up the growing space

The size of the planting area is critical when choosing a tree. To begin, what is the width of the space where you would like to plant your tree? Is the planting spot near a building, fence, or other large plants? If so, measure out how much room there is for a tree to fill without its growth being restricted. Next, take a look at the height potential for the location. You’ll need to make sure your full-grown trees won’t touch electricity or telephone lines. Also, consider if your mature trees will send limbs over your home? Finally, consider where the tree will cast its shadow.

Note your goals for planting the trees

How would you like a new tree to contribute to your landscape? It could be that you looking for shade for a patio or outdoor play space. Maybe you would like to screen a view or create a wind block. Or, perhaps your landscape needs more colour. It could also be that you want to plant a tree that will support wildlife such and birds. Whatever your goals, make a list of what you want your new trees to do in your landscape.

Match growing conditions to your trees

Firstly, note your hardiness zone, which will help you narrow down your choices to trees that can survive in your area. Then, take stock of the growing conditions of your planting site, especially how much light it gets, the soil type, and natural amounts of moisture. You will either need to carefully select a tree that is suited to the existing conditions, or do what you can to make your site more suited to the tree you want to grow.

Keep winter in mind

Deciduous trees, those that shed their leaves, take on a whole new look in winter. How will your tree contribute to the winter landscape? If you want privacy year-round, an evergreen tree is a better choice than a deciduous tree. If cooling summertime shade is more important, then select a deciduous tree.

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