5 things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

5 things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

Desperately seeking more storage space in your bedroom? You’re not alone. Having a perfect fitted wardrobe in your home could be the best solution to all your storage-related queries. As the name suggests, fitted wardrobes are designed specially to fit your bedroom. You can even create wardrobes in awkward spaces. Going for bespoke designed furniture gives you the freedom to choose every detail. So, you can select the exact storage solutions you need and tailor the interior of your wardrobe to suit your needs. In addition,  you can add your design flourishes to every surface. Last but not least, investing in fitted bedroom storage can add value to your home. Here are 5 things you need to about fitted wardrobes before you take your first steps towards fitted storage.

5 things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

1. Efficient space usage

Fitted wardrobes, unlike free-standing wardrobes, can be measured to fit perfectly, with no wasted gaps on either side. These wardrobes are designed to make the most of every inch of available space, both vertically and horizontally. As a result, they’ll fit in just about anywhere. A fitted wardrobe will blend seamlessly into the décor of your room, providing a stress-free storage and organisation solution for your belongings.

2. Custom made

Fitted wardrobes can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. As a result, you can add as many accessories to your fitted wardrobe. With a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you won’t be limited in choices and you can get it designed however you want and wherever you want. Your fitted wardrobe will occupy exactly the amount of space you want to designate for it.

3. Good investment

A fitted wardrobe is a cost-effective storage solution that will stand the test of time. Although a free-standing wardrobe may appear to be less expensive at first, it is significantly less likely to endure as long as a solid piece of fitted furniture. Furthermore, when you get bored of the look of your built-in wardrobes, you can change up the finish simply by swapping the front panels for a fresh new style. Moreover, the investment you make into fitted wardrobes will always be repaid if you come to sell your home as storage is a premium.

4. Fit any space

You might have some awkward spaces that aren’t being utilised appropriately. Luckily, a fitted wardrobe can be easily installed in any awkward space. Everything is conceivable, whether you want the wardrobe installed in sloping alcoves, attics, or corner locations. A fitted wardrobe will blend seamlessly into the décor of your room, providing a stress-free storage solution.

5. Better lighting options

Lighting is one factor that is often overlooked when it comes to wardrobe design. Most standing wardrobes only offer limited illumination options, some even don’t offer any. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can get all the lighting options for your needs and within your budget.

Final thoughts

A fitted wardrobe has so many benefits over free-standing wardrobes both in terms of money and storage value. If you are currently remodelling or building a new house, you might want to consider those benefits, and invest in your custom-fitted wardrobe.

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