Tips for improving neighbourhood security

Tips for improving neighbourhood security

Property safety is at the forefront of every homeowner’s mind, which is why it can be frightening to learn about break-ins and burglaries in your neighbourhood. A higher crime rate can also affect the feeling of security you deserve in your home and can affect your property value. Do you have concerns about the security in your neighbourhood? Here are some tips for improving neighbourhood security and keeping your home safe.

Tips for improving neighbourhood security

Establish a community watch

One way to get homeowners involved in protecting the community is by organising a neighbourhood watch. By forming a community watch, you not only increase the security in your neighbourhood, you foster accountability by getting the residents involved. This can mean anything from organising nightly patrols to simply having homeowners be more alert of suspicious activity. If residents know who their neighbours are, what cars they drive, and usual traffic patterns, then they’ll be able to report anything that may raise a red flag. Being able to identify and report suspicious activity quickly will help to deter potential criminals more effectively.

Improve lighting

Poor lighting can hide all kinds of suspicious activity. That means more crimes occur at night when it is dark outside. Installing lights to help illuminate your neighbourhood can help you reveal any suspicious activity taking place after hours.  If your street lights are insufficient, contact your homeowner’s association or the local government to have them replaced. Homeowners can install motion-activated outdoor lights.

Enforce residential upkeep

Well-maintained homes aren’t targeted as frequently as homes that seem to have doors and windows in poor condition. Survey your neighbourhood regularly to ensure that all residents’ homes are in good working order. If you notice residents leaving their windows open, or see front doors with degradation around the locking mechanism, inform them about the dangers of not keeping their property secure.

Hire a private security company

There are many benefits to hiring a private security service to patrol your neighbourhood. For one, a private security service can respond more quickly to crimes taking place in your community. They are also an effective deterrent for any future crime. Criminals are far less likely to commit a crime if they know there is a chance that a security guard will catch them in the act.

Pay attention to vacant properties

Empty properties are a magnet for criminal mischief. If your neighbourhood has uninhabited units, perform regular inspections to ensure that unwanted parties aren’t entering the premises illegally. Small but meaningful actions such as this can prevent your neighbourhood from harbouring criminal activity.

Security features

A sense of security is not a luxury; it is a necessity. As such, homeowners can look into installing various security features on their properties. To start with, surveillance and alarm systems are huge deterrents to burglars. Landscaping may appear to be an odd tactic to put in a list of safety tips, but it is actually quite useful. Planting prickly shrubs under windows, for example, would deter most intruders. In addition to security features, residents should be educated on safety practices.

Develop a good relationship with local law enforcement

Burglars may still be able to gain unlawful access to a home in your neighbourhood despite your best efforts to keep your community safe. If this occurs, it’s important to have a good relationship with local law enforcement. Cultivating a good relationship with your local law enforcement agencies will be of benefit in the event of an emergency.

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