Best upgrades to make when selling your home

Best upgrades to make when selling your home

Getting ready to sell your house? To get the best price, take some time right now to get your house ready to sell. The fear that your home might not sell fast or rake in the amount you expect will often creep up on you. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Even better, there are low-cost home improvements you may make to entice potential buyers. Below are the best upgrades to make when selling your home that can help boost the value of your home in the end.

Best upgrades to make when selling your home

Spruce up the yard

The curb appeal of your home might be more important than you think. Potential buyers do judge a book by its cover, so you want to put your home’s best foot forward from the outset. If there are overgrown bushes and patchy grass, take the time to rectify these and make the best impression on buyers. A professional landscaper can help you explore ways to spice up the exterior of your home with walkways, lighting, flower gardens, mulch areas, hedges, and water features.

Paint the walls

Painting is the lowest cost improvement with the highest rate of return. More than anything, a potential buyer needs to be able to see him or herself in the space, and the colour of the walls has a lot to do with how clear that vision can be. When repainting with an intent to sell, neutral colours are best. A nice coat of neutral paint can give the entire house a facelift, and buyers love to see a fresh blank canvas.

Upgrade the lighting

Replacing lighting throughout a house can be a simple update for a small investment. However, updating your lighting can make a bit impact where appearance is concerned. As you look at options for chandeliers, pendant lighting, and ceiling fixtures, remember to keep colours consistent with your home’s hardware.

Attend to floors

Keep in mind that flooring is among the things that count as far as first impressions go. Unfortunately, many floor types naturally take a beating over time and if yours looks worn, that might turn off potential buyers. Consider investing in new uniform flooring if you have several rooms with different types of flooring. This will provide a more consistent feel throughout the property. Wood flooring, or even faux-wood floors, are preferable to carpeting, although they are more expensive.

Style bathrooms and kitchens

Most realtors will tell you that the two rooms that people see first and remember most are the bathroom and the kitchen. In fact, kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms that sell more homes than any other room. With this in mind, make sure that these two rooms get a little extra care and attention. Even when a whole remodel isn’t in the cards, there are still a few simple things that you can do.

Final thoughts

One thing that makes these home improvements unique is that they all have the potential to immediately change the buyer’s perception of your home. Moreover, these home improvements can raise the value of your home. Consider spreading out the cost and doing one update/upgrade at a time until the time you are ready to sell the house.

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