How to make a rental house your home

How to make a rental house your home

The prospect of renting a home is becoming more and more common as a consideration for families both young and old. Not just as the booming property markets continue to shrink affordable opportunities to buy in many of the world’s urban centres. But also as an alternative for short term comfort, intermittent necessity or long term financial gain. Just because you’re renting, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your property feel like home. Whether you’re in a flat that needs some fancy flourishes or a house that could do with some hygge, it’s worth taking some time to create a space that feels like home. For inspiration, here are our top tips on how to make a rental house your home.

Know what you can do

Make sure you know what you can modify before you start redesigning your rental home. Whilst most rental agreements will insist upon minimal changes to the property itself, there’s still a huge number of things you can do to personalise and customise your living space to make it a little homier.

How to make a rental house your home

Add storage

Most homes can use more storage, regardless of whether or not you own it. Incidental shelving, stylish baskets and boxes all help enormously to make for a more streamlined and comfortable home life. A few key pieces such as a bed with storage, wardrobe and chest of drawers may be your minimum requirements for all those essential clothes purchases.  Or you may consider a bookcase a priority if you’re an avid book collector.  The key takeaway is, buy storage that suits your needs.

Match colours

The best way to make a room feel like it’s tied together is to pick colours that work well together and keep them as a central theme. You can’t paint the walls of your rental property, or change the carpets or flooring. However, by adding accents of complementary colours in the items you can control, like curtains, picture frames, candles or rugs, you can give a complete feel to a room.

Replace window coverings

If your landlord doesn’t object, you can pick out some curtains or blinds that go with your colour scheme. The right window treatment can be the perfect finishing touch that helps to bring a room together.  As well as just aesthetics, window dressings serve a very practical function.  From blocking out light to keeping in warmth or just stopping nosy passers-by. Consider what you need from your window dressing from a practical point of view as well as style.

Cushions, rugs and throws

The easiest way to make a room look interesting is to layer. As such, make your sofa, chair or bed look comfortable and relaxing by piling up cushions of different patterns, textures and sizes. Cover up grim, worn carpets or creaky floorboards with a thick, plush rug. Use throws to add texture to sofas and chairs (and they come in handy in the winter when you want to keep warm).

Change the lighting

Lighting is a simple, yet effective way to change the feel of a room. Even the saddest little space can be transformed with the right light. A well-positioned table lamp or a beautiful shade for the ceiling light can alter how things look and create a comfortable, homely feel. Plus, like your accessories, you can choose the lighting that’s to your taste. Be sure to include good light in rooms where you’ll need it, and in rooms with limited natural light.


Mirrors add light and depth to small spaces. From long, freestanding mirrors to opulently designed wall-mounted ones, there are plenty of options to choose from. So, this is your chance to add your own personality to the space. Whether you love all things shiny or you’re a fan of geometric shapes, you can take some time to pick your favourite mirrors and add them to the space.

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