How to mix metals in your home décor

How to mix metals in your home décor

Metal is currently quite popular in home décor because of its versatility in terms of design, from opulent to rustic, and everything in between. Metallic decor is a terrific way to add shine and texture to a modern home interior, but you don’t have to stick to one type of metal. Using several metals to decorate is a great way to practice balance and style. Wondering how to mix metals in your home décor? To incorporate mixed-metal decor into your room in a tasteful manner, follow these five basic guidelines.

How to mix metals in your home décor

1. Pick metal décor that complements your colour palette

Mixed-metal decor works best with neutral colours and darker tones. However, that isn’t to say you can’t try out other intriguing and fun possibilities. You can use a complementary colour scheme to really make the metal accents shine if the metals you’re mixing are close enough in tone. In a space with gold and brass, for example, utilising hues of blue will really bring those metal pieces to life. Consider creatively bringing in these metal tones through a mirror, lamp base, or a decorative bowl or tray.

2. Settle on a primary metal and accent metal

Your primary metal is going to be the dominant presence in your décor. Use wall art, chair and sofa legs, and other furniture items to incorporate this metallic style into your home so you have it represented throughout your space. Then you can fill in the spaces in your décor with accent metal pieces. As a general guide aim for a primary-to-secondary ratio of about 70:30 in your space.

3. Avoid crowding all metallic décor in the same area

The last thing you want is for your metallic design to dominate any room. Keep a considerable amount of space between metal elements to minimise overcrowding. If that isn’t possible, try to put metal décor at different elevations. This exercise will assist you in creating a visually appealing and balanced arrangement. Keep in mind that a small amount of space can make the difference between metals that complement each other and those that conflict.

4. Mix different metals in similar designs

You can get away with matching two metals with radically different tones if they have other similar characteristics. For example, a bedroom headboard with a rectangular chrome outline looks stunning alongside a nightstand with rectangular gold legs. Etched patterns or designs can also tie separate metal accents together. Find a repeating motif you like and use mixed metals to decorate around it to make it pop.

5. Combine metal décor with different finishes

Variety will bring a well-decorated space to life. Use multiple finishes to give the same metal an entirely distinct look and keep your metal décor interesting. For a rough, industrial feel, opt for a tarnished or matte finish. Polished metals provide a smooth contemporary room with a bright and opulent tone, while a hammered finish adds stunning rustic texture. Combine these distinct finishes to create a metallic arrangement that is both fresh and interesting.

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