How to effectively use social media to sell a house

How to effectively use social media to sell a house

Trying to sell your home can be a difficult process. Many people consider the process of selling a home to be one of the most difficult experiences of their lives. After all, you have to select the best estate agent to represent you, accept an offer and, of course, there’s the process of moving. Be that as it may, have you thought about how social media could help you sell your home? Social media can help you find a wide audience, in the right area and at the right time. So, here is how to effectively use social media to sell a house.

How to effectively use social media to sell a house

Take professional photos

To start with, regardless of the media you pick to market your property, you’ll need professional pictures of your house. According to reports, your home is likely to sell 32 per cent faster if you have fantastic pictures than if you don’t. You’ll get the best results if you hire a professional photographer with real estate photography experience, but if you’re doing it yourself, here are some pointers.

  • First and foremost, declutter the house and make it as tidy and gleaming as possible.
  • Use a high-quality camera and tripod for stabilisation.
  • Shoot on a sunny day with as much natural light as possible.

Use video

You can reach out to customers from all over the world using social media. Since it will be difficult for them to come to an open house, you must make the home irresistible when they browse the internet. How can you do this? Video! You can create virtual walk-throughs of the property using video, which is ideal for those who are unable to visit in person. Consider engaging a videographer to produce the video with cameras and even drones. The cost is well worth it given a video’s ability to attract potential customers.

So, if you want your property to get the most online exposure, uploading a video tour to YouTube is a smart idea! You and your real estate agent will then share this video on other social media sites, emails, text messages, and other methods to spread the word about your home.

Use Ads

One of the most effective ways to sell a home on social media is to use sponsored ads. You can post on your profiles and ask friends and family to share, thereby helping you reach a wider audience. Social media ads are simple to use, and you can plan ahead of time how much you’d like to spend each day. Then, to reach specific customers, narrow down your demographics (location, age, gender, interests, and hobbies).

Create a waiting list

Do you know that blogging is one of the best social media tools out there? Consider creating a blog and using your blog to capture interested leads. Use your blog to promote a real estate waiting list for your area, where interested parties can sign up and be notified of new listings in your region. This provides you with a ready-made database of potential customers to whom you can market your sale.

Final thoughts

If you’re not using social media to advertise your home, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Start attracting new clients and creating awareness for your sale on social media using the tips above. You’ll start receiving offers before you know it, and you’ll be well on your way to closing the sale.

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