The benefits of working with an estate agent

The benefits of working with an estate agent

Is the use of an estate agent necessary when buying or selling a home? When it comes to home sales, buyers and sellers are on opposite sides of the fence. After all, what one wants to achieve is oftentimes entirely different to what the other desires. Buyers typically want to get a good deal on a home, while sellers want top dollar for their property. Both parties can benefit tremendously from retaining the services of a real estate agent, but their motives may differ. Whether you are buying or selling a home, here are some of the benefits of working with an estate agent.

What is a real estate agent?

A real estate broker, real estate agent or realtor is a licensed professional who represents buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. A realtor typically works on commission, being paid a percentage of the property’s sale price.

The benefits of working with an estate agent

1. Better access to homes

Real estate professionals are well-versed in the local market. Even though most homes are offered online for purchasers to view, many sellers prefer to keep their transaction private. In these situations, a real estate agent can be extremely beneficial. They may be able to provide you with unique access to a home that you would otherwise miss.

2. Expertise and local knowledge

One of the advantages of using an estate agent is that they are specialists not only in the market but also in the local area where you are buying or selling. Moreover, established estate agents have a number of resources in their arsenal, in addition to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

3. Superior negotiating skills

Estate agents act as a link in the property chain, ensuring that everything goes smoothly from the initial valuation to the final exchange. Even if it’s simply via experience, agents are taught to negotiate skillfully. They are well-versed in what works and what does not. Most have their own tried-and-true methods. They also have no emotional investment in the outcome, which can impair their judgment.

4. Agents have professional networks

Networking is a skill that real estate brokers excel at. They are familiar with most professionals involved in the home-buying and selling process. Many realtors will have a list of preferred providers who they can trust. This is one of the many advantages of working with a real estate professional that both buyers and sellers will appreciate.

5. Pricing experts

The majority of real estate agents can price a home the moment they walk in the door. If they’ve worked in a market for a long time, they’ll know how well an area keeps its worth. Agents can not only offer you all of the data you need about local house sales, but they can also bring assets to the table based on years of monitoring waves of transactions in the area.

6. Help tackle the paperwork

There’s no denying that selling a home entails a significant amount of paperwork. Signatures, records, and several copies come with all of this material. A real estate agent can assist you in keeping track of the paperwork and, most importantly, ensuring that it is signed and completed correctly. Not only that, but most real estate brokers will store your papers for many years after the sale is completed.

7. Avoid closing problems

When a sale nears closing, all kinds of pitfalls can kill the deal in the final hour. An experienced real estate agent knows how to keep an eye out for any problems. A skilled realtor can assist you with all of these concerns and more. Particularly if your real estate agent is a member of a renowned, strategic, and knowledgeable team such as the one at BeForward Real Estate.

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