Home maintenance to tackle when cooped up at home

One of the stringent measures introduced by most countries to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 is social distancing. As such, children and parents alike are forced to stay at home. Being stuck at home can be exciting and relaxing – for a day or two. After that period most people are restless and anxious as they have lots of time and no specific way to fill it. One way to stay active is to undertake various odd jobs around your home. Read on to find out home maintenance to tackle when cooped up at home.

Importance of home maintenance

The bottom line is that home upkeep saves you money. You may be wondering how caring for your home can save you money. Well, frequent home maintenance is essential to prevent big issues from taking place in your home. That is to say, if there are any issues you are bound to identify and attend to them early before they escalate. Regular preventative maintenance is key to fixing issues when they are still cheaper to fix thereby saving you money in the long-run. As such being at home with some extra time on your hands presents you with an excellent opportunity to tackle some home upkeep tasks.

Home upkeep tasks

Check your filters and batteries

Firstly, replace your filters and batteries frequently to ensure your home’s system is functioning efficiently. Efficiently running home systems are vital to reducing your electricity consumption and therefore save you money. Change batteries in gadgets and devices that use batteries to ensure they are operating at their optimum capacity. It is also important that you replace filters in your water and air systems so they can operate efficiently.

Reverse your ceiling fans

One way to cut down on your power usage is to make sure that your ceiling fans are running correctly. There is a correlation between the direction your ceiling fans spin and the weather. When the weather is warm your ceiling fans should be spinning counterclockwise. This helps push air downward thereby cooling the room. You can also save a substantial amount of money by using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning units.


Another excellent maintenance task is to go over your plumbing. Start by going over all your pipes and check for signs of drips or leaks. Also, check all your toilets for any signs of leaks or drips. Most people don’t realise that drips and leaks translate into a lot of money in water bills. Moreover, detecting leaks early can help you prevent plumbing catastrophes from occurring.

Check your gutters

If your home has gutters then now is the time to inspect them for any water damage or rust. Clogged gutters can also overflow and cause significant damage to your home. To attend to your gutters you will require a ladder and as such you will need to exercise extreme caution and work safely. Under such circumstances, it is always advisable to have a spotter.

Clean your home

No question cleaning a home is an unpleasant task that is often put off. However, one way or the other it is important to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of your home. Pay particular attention to your appliances which can accumulate grime and gunk build up. Also, clean the exterior of your home to remove dirt and grime. You can also use this period to purge any extra unneeded items thus keeping your home organised and tidy.


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