Staging your home like a professional

The first impression that prospective buyers get when they are looking at your home is important. First impressions are essential to get potential buyers interested enough in your home to make an offer. There are many things that a seller can do to enhance the appeal of their home and make it more attractive to buyers. The process of enhancing the appearance of your home to make it more appealing to buyers is known is staging. The idea of staging is to highlight a home’s strong points and make it look as attractive as possible. Besides this, staging helps buyers picture themselves living in the space. Read on to learn how to go about staging your home like a professional.

The cost of home staging

While it is possible to successfully stage your home on your own, many sellers choose to engage the services of a professional home stager. Professional home stagers are particularly relevant and effective if you are selling a vacant home. It is more difficult for buyers to picture themselves living in the home if it is vacant. However, a vacant house will cost more money to stage than an occupied one since all the furnishings will need to be rented. The overall cost of hiring a stager is primarily dependant on your specific needs. Moreover, the size of the house, as well as the number of rooms you require staged, will have an impact on the cost of staging. The cost of staging can be significantly high, but it can provide a worthy return on investment.

Home staging tips

If you decide to stage your home on your own then here are a few staging tips to help you go about it like a pro.

Declutter your space

Before you proceed to stage your home to sell you should thoroughly clean your home and repair any signs of wear and tear. You need to declutter your entire living space to make it look neater and more organised. Also, you need to make your space seem more neutral so buyers can picture their stuff in the home. Minimise the items that you keep on top of counters and tables. You can also remove some big pieces of furniture to open up the space even more. Decluttering also allows you to go through your items and get rid of the things you do not use anymore.

Prioritise staging in different areas

Staging will help your house look more presentable, but certain areas will make or break a buyer’s viewing experience.

Living room

The living room is the room most people spend the bulk of their time in a home. Besides this, a living room is often the first impression visitors have of a home. With this in mind, ensure that your living room is well maintained and beautifully decorated. Remember to keep the living neutral as well as appealing to a diverse group. Avoid anything that will appeal to a specific type of buyer and marginalise other buyers. Moreover, make sure that your home has plenty of lighting.


Most sellers neglect to prepare closets for home viewings yet large closets are a very important selling point for buyers. Make sure your closets are tidy and they can effectively convey their size to prospective buyers.


Most buyers want a bathroom that is a sanctuary and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As such, ensure that your bathroom is spotless, sparkling clean and smells pleasant. When staging your bathroom aim for comfort and luxury to enhance the user’s experience.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

While it is important to make your home tidy and beautiful, it is also crucial to make your home warm, inviting and homely. Creating a welcoming space will help buyers envision themselves living in the space. An awkward silence can dampen the mood at an open house. With this in mind, consider making buyers more comfortable by playing soft ambient music. Also, make an effort to make the temperature in the house comfortable for buyers. That is to say, the temperature should neither be too cold nor too hot. Lighting plays a very important role in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Make use of natural lighting and artificial light to enhance the ambience and make the space more comfortable.

The décor

When you are thinking about staging you should consider the décor that will enhance the space. By putting some effort into small design elements you can significantly improve the appeal of your home.

Research what is popular

Take some time to look into what is trending and currently popular. To decorate your home to the level of a professional stager carry out sufficient research into what is popular. This does not necessarily mean that you have t spend a lot of money buying new furnishings. You can look at what you already have and how you can use it to spruce your space. The idea is to make each room in your home feel more in line with the latest styles.

Bring the outdoors in

Consider opening up your home in such a way that buyers have a clear line of sight to the outdoors. Besides, this you can add some flowers to your home to add pops of colour and brighten the mood.

Add colour

One of the best ways of introducing colour to your space is to add pops of colour as focal points. This will help your space look more styled and well put-together. Remember to use colour with a light hand, do not go overboard.

Use accessories

Since you will declutter your home and use very little colour to make it more neutral, you must use accessories to enhance it. However, stick to small and tasteful accents that give your home personality and character.

The benefits of staging your home

1. Less time on the market

Firstly, staging will give your home a competitive edge making stand out among the competition. Staged homes not only look attractive but they also give the impression of being well-maintained and cared for. This will sit well with buyers and grant them the chance to buy a move-in ready home.

2. More interest

Secondly, staged homes tend to generate more interest and attract a larger number of prospective buyers. Needless to say, greater interests increases the likelihood of getting an offer for your home.

3. Larger profit

Lastly, staging your home and making more attractive will show buyers that it is worth the asking price. A more attractive home will generate greater interest resulting in a bidding war that can push your asking price up. This will translate into a greater profit for you.

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