Ways to create a family-friendly flat community

Is your primary objective as a landlord, to attract more families to your rental properties? There are certain issues that you have no control over. These include the location of schools and other amenities. However, there are other aspects of the property that you can influence. By carefully drafting and implementing sound policies you can create a family-friendly, as well as community-oriented environment. In most instances, a family-friendly environment attracts more reliable tenants. As such, here are some ways to create a family-friendly flat community.

Identify space for outdoor activities

By nature, children are restless and highly active. With this in mind, it is important for parents to consider the outdoor space and surroundings when looking for a new home. As such it is vital for landlords to set aside space for outdoor activities. A property that has space set aside for play and other outdoor activities will be immediately attractive to families. In addition, also consider other shared amenities such as swimming pools and entertainment areas. These outdoor activity areas and amenities will not only increase the value of your property, but will also make your property more attractive to families.

Construct a communal playground

You may also contemplate building a community playground. It is normal to be put off by the initial financial demands that come with a project of a project of this magnitude. However, the reality is the payoff you will receive in the long-run is often worth the effort and investment. Needless to say, a communal playground is a huge draw for families. In addition, a communal playground helps you increase the appeal of your property to the family-oriented demographic. Parents will appreciate the space dedicated to their children playing in a safe environment. Moreover, most parents will welcome the opportunity for their children to play and interact with other children. Furthermore, communal playgrounds are also essential in helping parents interact and get to build a sense of community.

Create indoor community play spaces

It is equally essential to acknowledge that not all areas enjoy warm weather that enables children families to spend significant amount of time outdoors. Under such unfavourable weather it might be worth it to consider creating indoor community play spaces. Creating indoor community play spaces will be critical to catering to the need for play and interaction even under adverse weather patterns. When it comes to the ideal indoor community play space, the possibilities are endless and the options vast. For example, you can install an indoor swimming pool, or create an indoor playground.

Make community resources available

Nearly all parents with children are in desperate need for good quality and competent babysitters, as well as daycare. In addition, the average parent is always on the lookout for fun family-friendly community events. With this in mind, consider keeping your community connected and in the know of any family-friendly community events. This had the added benefit of fostering a healthy neighbourhood and community that families will appreciate being a part of. As such, you can advertise family-friendly community events online, or via a bulletin, WhatsApp group, or newsletter.

Laundry facilities

In the modern era, most parents have extremely hectic schedules that little to no room for household chores. Between work and school runs, parents have little room and time for doing chores, let alone laundry. Make like a little easier and a lot more convenient by installing on-site laundry facilities. You can save families a lot of time, effort, and expenses by simply offering washer and dryer facilities.


One of the primary concerns for any parent is the safety and security of their family. As such, go the extra mile in flat security to ensure the complete safety of your tenants. Start by installing sufficient lighting in and around the community, secondly, you should install smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection units in every flat. In addition, you should ensure any raise or elevated space has a proper and secure guard rail.

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