Wall Decoration – Realize the Greatness of a Room

Time and again in interior designing, wall art has not gained much attention. It’s the last thing people think of long after the paint on the walls has dried up and all the furniture artfully put in place. Today I want to challenge you that by putting aside wall art you are indeed missing out on amazing interior decor. Your empty walls are filled with lots of possibilities that can transform your house into a home. Whether you are a book lover, art collector, or nature enthusiast I want to show you that there are no limits to customizing your walls by placing on them things that you adore.
The good thing about wall decor is that it evolves and changes with time! You can always play around with the scale, color, size, and placement until you get that feeling that works for you and your home. Below I’ll take you through a few steps in realizing that perfect wall decor.

Play with shape

You don’t necessarily have to match every neatly framed square box hung on the wall and mate all art. Try experimenting with different materials such as wood, iron, bamboo, and ceramics. Try some cultural items such as weavings, baskets, mats which can accord a space with the tranquility that cannot be achieved by photos and other types of artwork. Hanging different types of decorative items on the wall of different sizes especially in the living and dining area can be visually enthralling.

Blend Styles

Don’t be consistent; you can mix traditional furnishing with modern art and decor either way. In styling and decor, a mixture of high and low-end decor items has been alluring: Collected art pieces from Africa, Asia, or South America next to other locally available pieces blend well.

Focus on Your Taste

Fill the walls with things that you adore. Be easy on yourself, set yourself free, and be inspired. Search the web, visit blogs, check magazines that have visuals you like and bookmark pages that caught your attention. Visit curio shops, art galleries, paint shops, and museums exploring themes that attract you and you might end up finding something that interests you.

Keep Rearranging Your Hangs

Different patterns of wall art arrangement have different feel and appeal. One large piece (small pieces as well) of art at a certain angle or wall might not have the visual appeal/effect compared to the same piece on a different setup, so it’s advised to keep rearranging until you get that balance that you require.

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