Types of Kitchen Sinks to Consider For Your Home

Types of Kitchen Sinks to Consider For Your Home

The kitchen is among the most important areas in any house and to perfect it, there are multiple items that tend to integrate it into a complete image. Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling it into a newer look, the kitchen sink is an essential item that plays an important role in the daily kitchen activities, therefore, one should highly consider the style installed into one that meets day to day household activities. This article concentrates on different types of sink designs perfect for small and large-sized houses.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks also known as the Apron sink is a unique deep sink known for its design which features an extension over the kitchen counter edge. This type of sink is normally installed from beneath the kitchen counter coming in either a single or double bowl design. Unlike other sink designs, the farmhouse sink is relatively easy to clean as it allows debris and water from the kitchen counter to freely flow into the sink. Due to the nature of its design, it offers enough room to accommodate big families but on the other hand, comes with a pricey yet complex installation procedure.

Top Mount Sink

It is also known as the drop-in sink with a design that is not far from that of a farmhouse but unlike it, the top mount sink is carried by the rim. Farmhouse sinks allow the kitchen counter to freely flow around the sink and in return allowing debris to flow into the sink but with top mount sinks, debris and water tend to be blocked around the rim preventing it from entering the sink. This design is easy to install with no special skill needed making its costs relatively low.

Double Basin Sink

The double basin sink is relatively common in many households both old and modern. It is known for serving an essentially flexible yet multipurpose dishwashing experience coming with either equally or unequally partitioned design dedicated to washing and rinsing or drying the dishes. With more than one washing basin, a double sink is known for taking a larger kitchen space therefore it is suitable for kitchens with enough room. Unlike top mount sinks, the double basin sink can be tough to manage especially in big families but on the other hand, it is highly multipurpose. Apart from a centered sink position, a double sink is perfect on a corner of the counter for kitchens with either L or U shape design.

Single Basin

Just like the double sink, a single sink offers one washing basin and aimed for smaller kitchen layouts. Single basin sinks can come as either a farmhouse sink or an in-counter sink with no partition separating the basin. It offers a large and enough room to wash big items but on the other end offers no utensils drying area.

Bar Sink

The bar sink also known as island or prep sink is a relatively small-sized sink designed to complement bigger kitchens as a secondary option coming in either drop-in or under-mounted installation design. They normally come with a single sink layout which is relatively smaller and more shallow than regularly sized sinks. The bar sink serves as a perfect space for meal preparations, drink making, and with larger families, they tend to pose as a perfect home bar, patio, or terrace.

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