The Best Fencing Materials For Any Home


When it comes to home construction, identifying the structure and laying down a stable foundation is always the first thing that comes to mind, but looking a bit further into the details, we simply can’t ignore the issue of security. Many home buyers look at security from a magnified angle meaning, settling for neighbourhoods with little to no crime rates and on the other hand, the security that surrounds the home environment which can either be a fence or a wall as per the owner’s preference. Selecting what surrounds your home for security purposes can be quite challenging with an overwhelming amount of fencing materials existing in the market. This article looks to help new and existing homeowners identify different types of fencing materials suitable for any home as per your budget.


Wooden fences are probably the oldest and most common type with its material having existed for centuries. This is one of the most accessible materials but one that comes with standards just like any other material. If you are looking for a nice appeal for your home, wood material is the go-to choice as they pose as an attractive way of fencing. Depending on the type of wood material you go for, wooden fences are known to be relatively cheap. The most common types of woods used for fencing purposes include Cedar which is known to be highly resistant to moisture, rot, and insects, Redwood which is known to highly resist insects and rot, and lastly is Yellow Pine which unlike Cedar and Redwood requires treatment for outdoor use. These types of wood differ in price and durability therefore one should consider this as the key factor for selecting perfect material to surround the house. Remember, wood materials can serve a lifelong purpose but also happen to be prone to damage due to rot or insect attacks so they should really be highly maintained.


Wood may take the lead as the oldest form of fencing but when it comes to popularity, metal indeed holds the torch. We see metal in different designs and even material and depending on the type of metal you go for, you equally influence the appeal of your home. Metal is another inexpensive way of fencing coming in either Aluminium, Wrought Iron, or Chain Link Fence whereby Aluminium is known for its simplicity and ability to turn any landscape into an aesthetically pleasing property.

With aluminum, you can either choose to paint it as a way to add decoration or simply leave it as it is, either way, it will serve a purpose though it is mostly not considered as the safest way of fencing.

On the other hand, Wrought Iron comes second but unlike aluminum, it serves a bigger purpose as it can be customized to the consumer’s liking, and are relatively cheap. They also require high constant maintenance which can force to be repainted after two years but otherwise, Wrought Iron is beautiful and adds much to the housing appeal.

Lastly, we have the common Chain link which is known for its affordability and durability but unlike aluminum and wrought iron, chain link fences serve no privacy. They are commonly used in schools and other public areas to set boundaries, but with homes, one can add flowers and other decorations along the fence for more security and privacy.


When you think of Vinyl, think of it as like the superstar of fencing materials. This is the ultimate go-to fencing option for many homeowners and if you are looking to secure your property’s perimeter, this is one to have on top of your list. As we know, nothing good comes cheap, this is no different from Vinyl fences as they are highly pricey but also stronger and more flexible than wood and any other material for that matter. They are known to be highly resistant with a lifespan of up to 30 years but also come with relatively low maintenance costs which makes them cheaper in the long run in comparison to other fencing materials.


If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to surround your home, then PVC leaves little to no room for other fencing options. This is a modern way of fencing that uses little to no wood making it a go-to option for many homeowners who are conscious about how much wood can be wasted into securing our livelihoods. Not only do PVC fences offer the environmental benefit, but they also come cheap, unlike many other materials. They are designed to look like wood and posts and for the nature of the material, they can last a long period of time. For a much more attractive appeal, PVC comes in different colors and heights as per buyers’ requirement giving homeowners the freedom to go for what most likely suits them.


This is another eco-friendly way to fence which results from recycled materials i.e. plastic and wood fibers or other material. As the name suggests, composite fences are made as a combination of multiple materials that are compacted together to form steady home security that can last for years. It also comes as a relatively cheap way of fencing as it requires little to no maintenance. Composite fences pose as an alternative to wooden fences and can be customized to resemble the appearance of real wood. Unlike vinyl and wood, composite fences are highly resistant to weather changes and on the other hand, do not require painting or hold stain therefore can last for a long period of time.

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