Curtains – The Finishing Touch That Every Room Needs

Curtains - The Finishing Touch That Every Room Needs

There is that finishing touch that every room in a house needs and that touch has to be the window treatment. It can be the last thing you think about when designing your house, but it’s the complement every room deserves. The window treatment that we are talking about is adding sheer, curtains, shades, and draperies to the window.

Curtains: These are the most common type of window treatment, it’s usually made of lightweight fabric compared to drape, and comes in many colors, styles and patterns.


Draperies: These are similar to curtains but are usually made of much heavier fabric, but also come in many different styles, colors, and patterns.

Drapes and Cornices Frame Family Room

Sheer: These are lightweight curtains that are made from sheer fabric and usually do not provide enough privacy nor block out light.

Sheer curtain
Sheer curtain

Shades: Shades are of the same width as the window, and are usually attached to a rod that allows the shade to be lifted up and down with a roller system.

Bamboo Roller Shades
Bamboo Roller Shades

The Basic Consideration in Choosing Home Curtains

  • Color
    The size of the room that you plan to install curtains is a good factor in deciding your curtain color choices. As for small rooms, it is advisable to go for light-colored curtains such as beige, off-white, white or Smokey gray that are light printed or solids as these colors create an illusion of more space while for large rooms, curtains with dark colors are a great choice as they create a dramatic look.
  • Fabric
    For small rooms, sheer curtains are a great choice. Sheer curtains provide that breezy feel, exhibit a luxurious feel and allow light to enter.
    For much larger rooms you should opt for curtains or drapes and not sheers or consider curtains and sheers, curtain and draperies, or curtains and blinds together in solid colors, subtle or bold prints as they add layers to the window making the room look cozy. But if you are choosing curtains for a living room and have a TV placed facing the window, you should opt for blackout drapes as they will block light from entering due to their heavy lining.
  • Lines
    Most small rooms feature low ceilings; if that is the case then you should consider vertical patterns or textures as they add height to a room, while curtains with horizontal patterns/texture will shrink rooms with high ceilings.
  • Blend it
    When it comes to blending curtains with the color of the room you are advised to choose curtains that are of the same color or slightly lighter shade than the walls as this creates some uniformity in small rooms. For medium or large sized rooms you can opt for contrasting colors and patterns in both subtle and bold form. With this, we can conclude by saying that the larger the room, the bolder the patterns.
  • Dimension
    When choosing curtains you should opt for long ceiling to floor curtains, as they draw eyes upwards along the entire stretch of the curtain and this creates an illusion of height in small rooms.
  • The Rod
    The curtain rod is supposed to be long, not the same size as the window, but much longer enough to extend on either side of the window as this helps to make the window look larger but also allow more light to enter the room.
  • Curtain Rod Decor
    In choosing curtain poles, choose a curtain pole that suits your room style. Opt for simple sleek and straight rods in small rooms, mixture of decorated rods, plain and vibrant colored curtain rods for medium and large sized rooms.

With all these details, homeowners should understand how important curtains are to the window treatment of different rooms in a house and how essential curtains are. Curtains add that welcoming factor and comfort, but do also pour in some character and personality. Curtains are supposed to look good during the daylight and at night as well.

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