Different Types Of Modern Bathrooms

Different Types Of Modern Bathrooms

For comfort and relaxation, the bathroom comes as the most ideal private rooms in any house, however, selecting the right bathroom layout for your home can be challenging if you lack enough knowledge. This article concentrates on the most common bathroom designs in modern houses. For the first time homeowners looking to install new bathrooms and old ones looking to renovate into new designs, below are five bathroom layouts to help you with your selection.

Master Bathroom

This is one of the most common bathroom layouts for bigger houses. Coming with sinks, mirrors, a tub, a sauna or steam bath, a shower, closets, a dressing room, storage, and a semi-private toilet, the master bedroom is meant to be a comfortable and luxurious area offering spa-like relaxation. Master bathrooms are normally adjacent or within the master bedroom and normally serve at most two people. While building a master bedroom, one should highly consider the size and location of the tub and shower to avoid over or underestimating the space usage. The sinks space is also a top priority as it should allow free movement amongst the users, therefore, it is important to identify who and how it will be used.

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom is another common bathroom design found in most big families. It comes with a tub, sink, mirror, toilet, shower, and storage among others. The design of a full bathroom differs from that of a master bathroom as it comes in either side-full bathrooms or center-full bathrooms, whereby, the former involves a combination of fixtures along a single wall while the latter involves two separate fixture walls pairing the toilet and sink on one side and the tub on the other. Full bathrooms are meant to serve a larger number of people, therefore, its design should be carefully planned prior to construction in order to create enough room that can accommodate a particular group.

Three-Quarter Bathroom

This bathroom layout is a combination of a standing shower, a sink, and a toilet which poses as a design fit for guests, children, and teens. The three-quarter bathroom can be big or small in depending on the size of the family as well as its location within the house unlike the master and full bathrooms. Three-quarter bathrooms are commonly allocated near the guest room, hallway, living space, or the kitchen for efficiency and convenience of the users. It does not require much storage space as it does not involve permanent users. To enhance the look of a three-quarter bathroom, one can accessorize the space with decor, patterns, and other fixtures for convenience and a welcoming feel.

Powder Rooms

This is a small bathroom that often comes with a small vanity or sink, a mirror, and a toilet. They commonly serve as guest baths but in bigger families, they become ideal as they add an extra bathroom to regulate traffic within the house. They are commonly located in the hallways and in stand-alone spaces. Powder rooms are not meant to offer much comfort like bigger bathrooms, but one can consider adding storage space like cabinets and shelves to create more room for the users. They can serve as a very important element in the house and therefore should be decorated with art and color patterns, fixtures, and lighting to enhance the look.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

This is a type of bathroom allocated between rooms and is meant to be shared by multiple people who do not share rooms. Jack and Jill bathrooms are common in bigger families with its design featuring a single or two entry doors from two different bedrooms. Due to its nature, it happens to be a highly-trafficked area and one should consider the space and storage as the leading factor in construction. To avoid confusion and clutter, a custom storage space should be allocated as per each user.

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