Things To Consider For A Successful Airbnb Business

Things To Consider For A Successful Airbnb Business

Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has completely changed the housing experience for many homeowners over recent years worldwide. Airbnb has opened income-earning opportunities for people owning either apartments, residences, or properties. With people flowing in large cities from different places for either work, study, or vacation purposes, Airbnb has been a great substitute for hotels due to its wider range of housing and pricing options. With over 7 Million listings in over 200 cities, Airbnb is a flexible side hustling opportunity for many people although not everyone has marked success as the hosting job comes with extra work. Having a house to partly or wholly rent is one of this but if you are looking to make a successful business in Airbnb, the following pointers should be helpful.

Quality Photos

With an increasing number of online users, people can now do business without physically interacting and this is not any different for the famous platform of lodging, homestays, and tourism experiences. With Airbnb, people can view and book properties from miles away within and even outside the country therefore photography comes as an essential element in the marketing process. Airbnb is a highly competitive marketing place for homes and in order to stay on top of your area’s list, your home must be showcased in a presentable manner. Make sure to take high-quality display pictures that capture the character and surroundings of your house in angles that portray the lighting, look, and feel. Viewers should be able to thoroughly view your place in order to make their decision. In other cases, one can use a professional photographer for the guaranteed quality of the pictures.

Competitive Pricing

The best thing about Airbnb is that it gives the hosts the flexibility to set their own prices based on the property’s value assessment. As mentioned above, Airbnb is a highly competitive platform and in order to attract the most people, one should equally set prices that are reasonable. Unlike hotels, Airbnb hosts and guests can agree on a suitable price in accordance with the guest’s stay interval which comes as an opportunity to not only make profitable deals but also more likely to attract more customers from shared reviews. Prior to setting up your property’s price, be sure to evaluate the price range of similar properties in your area in order to maintain the competitive margin. Along with the pricing, a detailed description of your property plays a huge role in influencing the viewers to make the payment.


After the above is covered, your property should now be listed and people might already find interest in booking. With Airbnb and many other similar platforms, the property presentation comes as the deal maker and breaker. Presentation highly influences the decision-making process of the viewer’s in both pictures and physically. It is important that your place appears clean and declutters from all personal belongings like clothes, shoes, kids toys, garage equipment, and other items in order to create enough space for the guests. Your apartment or house should appear as simple as possible and free from all personal belongings like family pictures, toothbrushes and hair combs, documents, jewelry, and other valuable items. As much as your listing should showcase individualism, it should also project homelike feeling to the guests.


To ensure the likeliness of guests returning or recommending others there are minor things that differentiate one Airbnb listing from the other. People like to feel comfortable when they travel and most times this comes with multiple amenities offered by the accommodation host. These items not only come to complement guests’ stay but also add up to the presentation of the place. Regardless of the weather condition, one should offer guests comforting items like blankets and pillows for the bed as well as air cooling or heating solutions. The rooms should come with curtains suitable to block intense sunlight or wind if any and lighter curtains in hot weather cases. The bathroom should also come with enough clean towels, shampoos, toothpaste, and toothbrushes as well as shower gel just in case the guests forget or don’t bring any. The more comfortable your guests are with your place, the higher the chances of getting positive reviews which in turn attracts more people to your listing.

Safety and Security

As mentioned above, Airbnb attracts people from across the globe, and for this case, safety and security come as the most essential factor. Unlike hotels, Airbnb uses private properties and for people to be confident with staying at a complete stranger’s home, then they should be guaranteed a high level of safety and security of themselves and their belongings. One should ensure that the homes come with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, security alarms or guards, free from hanging electricity wires and exposed sockets, a first aid kit, and for needs that might require personal attendance, one should be sure to leave personal contacts. Viewers are quick to settle for properties that promise safety during their stay at all times.

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