Living Room Design

Living Room Design

Modern living rooms do not necessarily have to be cold and unadorned. Depending on one’s taste, things like modern or classic furniture, textiles, rugs, and other amenities combined do give a reflection of personal values and represent a stylish setting of the living room.
There are several steps that can help you to achieve a living space of your dreams. Whether it’s a living room makeover or you are starting from scratch it is important to get tips that will guide you while designing your functional and beautiful living room. Below are essential decor tips to follow.

1. Have a plan to start with

The foundation of your design is vision and plan. Consider the different functions that the living room has and its occupants at different times. Ask yourself questions like “Will we be watching movies here?” “Are you going to be using your laptops here?” “What is the maximum number of seats needed?” or “What is the floor area?”.

2. Choose your couch

After having a plan, it’s the right time now to go for the couch. Make sure you buy a couch that is durable and nice. Don’t rush, take your time, and find something that falls within your budget. If you always have kids around with sticky hands or pets with dirty paws, a white couch won’t be a good idea. So it’s important to consider your lifestyle while making this decision. Eventually, the last thing will be your aesthetic preference. Do you go for a classic couch or a modern one with comfortability in mind?

Couch (A living room couch source:

3. Make a lighting choice

Choosing the right living room lights can be challenging, but if done well it turns the whole place around. Combining different types of lighting can bring a very good end result. Once you have decided what you want, you now focus on finding light sources that will blend with your decor.
Living Room Lightining

4. Rugs

Rugs can define the room. Let the rugs claim territory, and make sure the rugs occupy a much larger space than the seating space. Make sure the rug color and texture blend well with the other decor to give the living room that warmth.
Living Room Sofa (Living room rug Source:

5. Tables

Coffee tables are the focal points of the living room as they usually draw attention due to their shapes. Choose something that is iconic and beautiful.
Do not forget to buy accent tables as they are so functional since every seat needs a space to place a drink served.

coffetable (Source: table (Accent table Source: )
Coffee Table                                                        Accent Table

6. Pillows

Pillows are fun to have in a living room as they are a great way of balancing color patterns and texture. Since you can’t keep a pillow for many years, just have fun in picking up your pillows.
pillow (Throw pillows source:

7. Personify your living room

The accessories that you place in your living room help define you; they can tell stories and define your personality. Whether these things are a collection from the places you have been to or gifts from loved ones, they do reflect us. Things such as curios, weaving, trophies, seashells, or books tell a lot about you and that’s what your home should be: a reflection of you and what you love.
Multi picture photo frame and a flower pot (Source:

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