In a house, one of the places that every household member uses daily whether it’s for getting ready in the morning or for maintaining health and hygiene is the bathroom. Since this is the case, we need to make bathrooms, whether large or small, be gorgeous as they have a huge impact on our daily life.
Bathtubs, modern toilet designs, and sleek vanity units come in all sizes and shapes to suit all areas and budgets. Apart from these bathroom essentials, bathrooms can also be accessorized by some other accessories such as storage, chic dispensers, and plants. To complete the puzzle, lighting of the bathroom is another area that needs serious consideration as lights can entirely change the mood of the space.
The following are the essential areas to work on while building your bathroom.

Bathroom 2
Clear glass shower and bathroom set


In deciding whether to install a shower or bathtub you have to consider the space you have in your bathroom area. A standard shower takes up an average of 9 square feet, while a bathtub takes up about 13 square feet. So if your bathroom area is very small, you are advised to go for a shower.
Fixtures: After deciding on either a tub or a shower, then it’s time to choose the fixtures. There are all sorts of bathroom fixtures these days from toilet and towel hangers to mirrors so take your time and choose each one of those carefully as they will spice things up in the bathroom. Another thing, when choosing showerheads, remember to go for a water saver showerhead as it can save you 50% on water and hot water costs.
Shower Curtain: The first thing one notices when entering the bathroom is the shower curtain. Shower curtains and their hangers can define the mood of the bathroom. It is advised to use lighter colors if the bathroom is very small as they have a tendency to brighten the bathroom.


Toilets come in different colors, designs, and shapes, and this is an advantage as it gives you a wide variety to choose from. Some like to match the toilet color/looks with the bathtub/shower and this ends up very well as the end product is always catchy. Fortunately, toilets compared to other fixtures are not really expensive but good, although some low-flush toilets can be expensive.

Sink (Washbasins)

Bathroom sinks are essential components of the bathroom and are often the focal points. Bathroom sinks come in various forms, shapes, and materials but here, we focus on the three common ones. The three common bathroom sinks are wall-mounted sinks, under-mount sinks, and above-counter sinks. Each one of these sinks has its pros and cons, but space, where it will be mounted on, is the biggest deciding factor.
Wall-mounted Sink
As the name of this sink implies, this is the type of sink that is mounted on the wall. These types of sinks are a good choice for small bathrooms as they do not take up a lot of space, and can be installed at various heights. Another good thing about these wall-mounted sink sets is that they usually come with shrouds that hide the visible plumbing pipes.
Undermount Sink
Undermount sinks are sinks that are usually installed under marble, graphite, or any other solid countertops. They do maximize counter space and are usually easier to clean compared with above-counter sinks.
Above-counter (countertop) Sink
These are modern sinks preferred by modern people that are usually placed on top of surfaces (countertop) and hence the name. These sinks come in various artistic designs and are made from different materials such as glass, stone, crystal, and marble.

Above-counter sink                        Wall-mounted sink                                                                      Undermount sink


Having functionality and good cabinet space is so important. Bathroom vanities can set the mood of the bathroom and give it a look that fits with the rest of the room. Since bathrooms are heavily used rooms, having well-constructed furniture that can withstand the moisture and heavy use that bathrooms experience is important.

Bathroom cabinet with drawers, faucet and under-mount round vanity sink


Choosing bathroom lighting can be challenging since bathrooms require functional and practical solutions. Well placed and the right amount of lighting is required in bathrooms, as too little will make the room dark, while too much or improperly placed lighting can result in glaring effects. So when choosing bathroom lights, choose lights that are stylish and have the quality that blends with your decor creating a soothing environment in the end.

Loft bathroom lights

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