Ingenious storage solutions for small homes

Residing in a small home certainly has its fair share of perks. To start with, a small home is relatively easy to clean and maintain. In addition, small homes certainly have a cosy, charming and intimate feel. However, storage space can be a major issue when it comes to small homes. Limited storage space coupled with having many belongings can result in a cluttered appearance. As such, you need to devise and adopt creative and imaginative ways to store your belongings. Utilise practical, stylish and non-disruptive storage solutions to meet your storage needs. Here are some ingenious storage solutions for small homes.

Shoe storage benches

When most people think about shoe storage, the natural instinct is to hide them from sight. However, you can make your shoes the focal point of your home’s entry way. A shoe storage bench is a clever way to keep your shoes organised and within reach. Contrary to what you may be thinking, shoe storage benches help you clear your shoe clutter and keep your space organised.

Wall-mounted bicycle racks

Secondly, if you have a bicycle then you probably know that they occupy a lot of space and can be difficult to store. This is particularly true if you live in a small home. To create storage space for your two-wheeler, you can mount a rack on your walls. By being creative with your wall-mounted bicycle rack you can make it the centrepiece of a room.

Built-in bathtub storage

The space and area around your bathtub often go unused. However, this space can be used as a smart storage solution. You can consider adding pull-down drawers and cabinets that can work as storage for your towels and toiletries.

Floating shelves

Another clever storage space hack for small homes is to add floating shelves. Floating shelves are extremely versatile and can be effectively used in living rooms, kitchens, as well as bathrooms. In addition, floating shelves can be used for the storage of many different items, from books, spices, and clothing. Moreover, you can creatively use floating shelves as minimalistic nightstands for your bedroom.

Bookshelf room dividers

If you wish to separate and demarcate your living space into specific areas then you can use bookshelf room dividers. Moreover, bookshelf room dividers are an excellent and clever way to keep your books, clothes, linen and towels organised. Bookshelf room dividers are not only multi-functional, but they are also economical and affordable.

Under bed storage drawers

One clever way of creating extra storage space in your bedroom is getting a bed with built-in drawers. Alternatively, you can independently procure under bed storage drawers, bins, or boxes. Under bed storage solutions are a convenient and effective means by which to add extra storage space to your bedroom. In addition, under bed storage drawers stay out of sight thereby having very minimal impact on your bedroom’s aesthetics.

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