Choosing Doors For Your House

Choosing Doors For Your House

The first thing a visitor sees when arriving at a house is the door. The door is a preview to what the visitor is to expect from the rest of the house. Since doors do define the style of a home and a room, we all want them to look nice. But apart from looks, doors have other roles such as securing a home, preserving indoor temperature, and filtering external noise for a quiet and peaceful home. To make the right choice of door you have to know what exactly you want the door to do for you. After knowing that, then you can consider the technologies and innovations.

What One Should Know Before Choosing a Door

Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one, door choices are one of the decisions that you are going to make and it all comes down to which style looks best. A door being such a visible fixture it’s normal to want one that is good looking. Since not all doors are equally made, it is important to understand their differences and how they are made in order to make an informed decision.

Doors and Their Alternative Functions

Where the door will be used determines the materials they are made from and how they are made. The basic door categories are interior and exterior doors.

Exterior (Entry) Doors

Entry doors are the exterior doors. They usually encounter different external pressures and hence have to be built to stand up to these pressures. These can be made from different materials such as steel, fiberglass, and wood. Wooden entry doors are the most common, but steel and wood can offer benefits over wood.
Where the entry door will be installed should be of consideration when making choices. The main front door is important to have great looks. A very neat and well crafted wooden door will be great but you can also choose anything that you prefer. Some other entry doors do not necessarily need to look good such as the rear entry door and garage door offering an opportunity to save money. Of important consideration is the door insulation for any door choice you end up making.

Exterior Door

Interior Doors

Unlike the exterior doors, interior doors are not exposed to external pressures such as rain, sun, or burglary, and due to that they do not need to be so robust and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on them. Typical interior doors are made from either wood, Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) or plywood.
MDF doors are made by an engineering process, then they are painted later on. Since they undergo an engineering process, they are very sturdy and are less likely to warp or twist. MDF doors can be intricately designed as they can be machined, formed and routed to mimic the traditional stile and rail doors.
Plywood doors are made by applying plywood sheets onto a prepared frame on both sides, thus creating a hollow section in the middle. They are cheap, but also a little bit flimsier and light.
Wooden doors are made from cheap solid wood employing the stile and rail process. Sometimes they are made from real wood veneer which is then layered on MDF boards or any other board that the carpenter prefers creating a hardboard core.

Interior Doors

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