Common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid

From time-to-time it is essential to renovate and upgrade various spaces in your home. Whether you are seeking to add to the aesthetics of a room or increase the overall property value, renovating your home is a positive step. As with any other aspect of your home, renovating your bathroom requires careful consideration and planning. Needless to say, without a plan or structured course of action, mishaps are bound to occur. A plan will be vital in helping you work out exactly what you would like to achieve in your ideal bathroom space. Read on for some common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid.

Going over budget

One of the biggest mistakes people make when undertaking a bathroom renovation project is to spend too much money on the project. As such, the first and foremost area of consideration is your budget. You must be careful not to overcapitalise as you will not be able to recover that money. Keep in mind that it is still possible to create your ideal bathroom within your budget. In the event that there are features that cannot be achieved within your budget then explore alternatives.

Not using professional tradespeople

In most instances, homeowners try to save money by undertaking their bathroom renovation project on their own. However, unless you have training and vast experience, there are certain aspects of your bathroom renovation you must not try on your own. Hiring licensed trades will be costly in the short-term, but it ensures things are done properly and professionally. When things are done right the first time it saves you money in the long-term. Carry out sufficient research on the tradespeople you hire and ensure they are duly licensed.

Thinking a bathroom location is not possible

Another common bathroom renovation mistake often made is to limit the options of bathroom locations. There are technological and construction advancements that have made it possible to install bathrooms where traditional limitations would have made it impossible.

Overlooking the bathroom layout

Never take a bathroom renovation lightly. In fact, serious planning should be undertaken without overlooking the bathroom layout. In order to maximise bathroom functionality you should carefully consider the placement of each bathroom feature. I recommend you engage a professional expert to help you plan the layout of your bathroom. All your bathroom features must be in their proper place whether you are installing a shower, bath tub, or toilet set.


Inadequate storage

Although often overlooked, you should consider bathroom storage as this is a vital bathroom feature. Again, as with the rest of your bathroom layout and functionality, plan, plan, and plan. Consider some cupboards at eye-level for frequently used items. In addition, you can also consider under the counter storage for less used items. Remember to not only improve but also maximum both the functionality and efficiency of your bathroom.

Having mixed styles

Finally, it is of the greatest importance to pick a style and stick with it. Settling on a style ensures that there is consistency throughout your bathroom. It is imperative that you avoid having mixed styles that will ultimately clash. In addition, your bathroom style must be in line with the rest of the colour and styles theme throughout your home. This will allow for consistency and uniformity throughout your home.

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