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How to childproof your backyard and keep your kids safe

How to childproof your backyard and keep your kids safe

When most people think of childproofing their homes their focus, emphasis and efforts tend to be on the interior of the home. As such, gardens, entertaining areas, and swimming pool surroundings are often overlooked. Needless to say, what generally appears harmless to adults can be hazardous and dangerous to children. It is also important to keep in mind that childproofing your backyard can be achieved without sacrificing neither the functionality nor the aesthetics of your backyard. Are you wondering how to childproof your backyard and keep your kids safe? Here are some tips on what to look out for and how to transform your backyard into a child-friendly space.

Tips to childproof your backyard

The garden

To start with, make a detailed analysis of your garden so as to identify the various plant species that you have. It is essential that you remove and replace any poisonous plants that may be in your garden. Moreover, it is crucial that you remove any thorny plants as these could pose a serious danger to your kids. Consider planting more child-friendly plants, such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs. In addition, it is vital that you desist from using dangerous and toxic pesticides and chemicals in your garden. Organic pesticides are available and are an efficient substitute.

Garden shed

Most parents do not realize the inherent dangers posed by garden sheds and garages. Think about all the dangerous things you keep in your shed and garage. Dangers can come in the form of pesticides, engine cleaners, sharp tools, paint, solvents and power tools. Moreover, sheds generally tend to be the home of various pests and other dangerous animals including snakes. As such, ensure that your garden shed and garage are kept secured and inaccessible to children. Any dangerous pesticides or toxic chemicals should be kept secured or alternatively out of the reach of children. In addition, get rid of trip hazards by keeping cables out of the way.


You are probably surprised at this one and wondering how puddles can possibly pose any danger. However, puddles are a potential slip hazard for small children. Ensure that you attend to any puddles or sunken areas that have collected water. In addition to the slip threat they pose, puddles can quickly develop into breeding grounds for various dangerous insects and pests.


There are numerous pests and bugs out there and it is virtually impossible to protect your children from all of them. With this in mind, it is essential that you understand what is out there and how to deal with it in the event of an incident. It is advisable for all parents and guardians to be fully trained in first aid. Keep all emergency contact details in an easily accessible area that is known by all members of the household. Consider engaging the services of professional pest controllers to conduct frequently perimeter sprays.

Swimming pool safety

There is no question that swimming pools can be a highly dangerous area for children. We have all read or seen heartbreaking news stories about children drowning in swimming pools. As such, it is imperative to have a safety fence around your swimming pool. Also, consider getting a swimming pool cover that fully and completely covers the swimming pool. Make sure to use non-slippery flooring around swimming to avoid any mishaps.

Sharp Edges and corners

Finally, you need to keep an eye out for any sharp edges and corners. Sharp edges and corners pose a very serious threat and danger to children. After all, sharp edges and corners can be at eye level for children which is quite a frightening thought. One of the best ways to deal with sharp edges is to cover them with foam tape.


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