Preparing your home for the holidays

There is more to the holiday season than just taking some time off work and going away on holiday. Prior to packing your bags and hitting the road, there is a lot to be done. Some of the more vital considerations before you commence your holiday include; security, pets and you’d garden. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your garden needs are taken care of. Moreover, your home will be secure and your pet’s well cared for while you are away. Here is a brief outline of preparing your home for the holidays.


To start with, most pet owners view their pets as an extension of their family. This means for some pet owners they will be looking to travel with their pets. However, some pets owners will not be in a position to go on holiday with their pets and travel with them. You can consider sending your pets to a shelter that specialises in providing shelter and care to pets. Ensure that you identify a reputable shelter where your pets will be looked after well and therefore be comfortable and happy while you are away. Picking the right shelter will give you peace of mind and ultimately help you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. In the event that you are unable to send your pets to a shelter then you can consider getting a pet sitter. This can either be a relative or friend your pets are familiar and comfortable with. It is essential your pet sitter or minder is familiar with your pet’s routines and specific needs. Lastly, you can consider taking your pets to stay with family or friends for the duration of your holiday. You must have full confidence in the person you will leave your lets with to ensure that they are cared for and well looked after.


One of the biggest concerns for anyone whilst they are away on holiday is the security and safety of their home and possessions. As such, before you head off to a blissful break, make sure that your home is secure. Start by talking to your neighbours so they know that you will be away. This way your neighbours will be in a position to check on your property from time to time and help keep an eye on your assets. More often than not homeowners tend to neglect to lock all doors and secure all entry points into their home. With this in mind, it is important that you ensure that all doors and windows are safely secured. Moreover, make use of automatic light control units to ensure that lights come on at predefined times. This is essential to deter intruders and other unwanted guests.

When it comes to securing your home while you are on holiday resist the urge to post your activities on social platforms. This will give intruders an idea of your affairs and they will know that you are away. In addition, you can consider getting the services of a security company to watch over your property and secure it while you are away. Moreover, you can consider getting one of your family members or a friend to be a house sitter. The presence of someone at home is usually sufficient to deter criminals and put off intruders.


Your garden and landscaping is a huge financial and time investment that should not be neglected whilst while you are away. After all, you have probably spent the greater part of the year tending to your garden, nurturing it and ensuring that it is in a prime state. It is therefore imperative that you get someone to tend to your landscaping affairs while you are on holiday. Some of the steps you can take to make life easier for the designated person tending to your garden include:

  • Putting potted plants in one general area to facilitate easier watering and maintenance.
    • Placing all your tender plants into shaded areas where they will enjoy the benefits from nature.
    • Grouping indoor plants in a well-lit space and place wet towels under the base of the pots.

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