Tips to make your bedroom look bigger

Do you want to know how to make your bedroom look and feel more spacious? We have complied this list of tips to make your bedroom look bigger. With just a few decorative alterations you can make a small space seem larger and more comfortable. You will be glad to know that not all changes will set you back a fortune. You can implement some cost-effective bedroom decorations on a budget and still significantly improve the aesthetics of the space.

Go for lighter colours

Making use of a light colour palette gives a sense of expansion and by all accounts makes a room seem larger. In essence, light colours brighten a room and are a practical option to creating an illusion of greater space. Small rooms can feel claustrophobic, confining and quite uncomfortable. However, using light colours is one of the most effective design concepts to make interiors seem much more spacious than they actually are. Light and bright reflect natural light thereby making your bedroom feel more open and airier.

Get creative with storage

One of the largest setbacks of small and confined spaces is storage constraints. As such you need to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to storage and ultimately freeing up more space. Small spaces seem even smaller when there is a lot of clutter. By decluttering and freeing up space you can create some open spaces that will create a sense of expansion. Consider freeing up space in your bedroom by adding extra storage under you bed.  This will allow you to create effective and convenient additional storage without taking up any extra space. You can also take advantage of your vertical space by introducing floor-to-ceiling cupboards. Thereby maximising the usage of your bedroom space whilst creating a sense of expansion. Keep the floor as clear as possible to maintain a sense of spaciousness.

Optimise your lighting

Another key element in opening up a space and creating a sense of expansion is via the clever use of lighting. Allowing unhindered natural light into your bedroom will truly open up the space therefore making it seem bigger. If your room layout and window orientation does not allow you to make the most of natural light then you can infuse some artificial light and get the same sense of space. If you have large windows in your bedroom then open them up to access natural light and connect the room with the outdoors.

Use mirrors

Well-placed mirrors can do wonders by making your bedroom look larger. Use your bed as a focal point and then angle your mirrors towards it to give an illusion of depth. Mirrors are also an essential tool to reflect both natural and artificial light thereby creating a sense of spaciousness. This simple by highly effective tactic will allow you to increase natural and artificial light in your bedroom and at the same time brighten it up. in addition to opening up a space, mirrors are an accessory that can also be used to style the room and ad to the aesthetics of a space.

Change the layout

Changing the bedroom layout and maximising your furniture arrangement is a cost-effective way to free up space. You can open up space and make the most of it by positioning larger items of furniture against walls while creating pathways for convenience and space. Your layout and furniture setup should not obstruct the view into your room. In addition, it is also important to scale your furniture to fit the size of your bedroom. Consider having some pieces of furniture the same colour as the walls so as to create a perfect blend that expands the room.

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