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Tips on protecting your home against theft

Tips on protecting your home against theft

Crime is one of those things that we all would rather not talk about. In act it is a subject that makes us all feel uneasy and just rather sweep under the rug. However, safeguarding your home and your family should be one of highest priorities. As times get harder and with greater technological improvements criminals are becoming more sophisticated. This can be frightening and a little disheartening, but there are a few things you can do to improve your home’s security whether you are there or away. In this article, we’ve included some tips on protecting your home against theft.

Protecting your home from the outside

  • One of the first things you can do to secure your property and deter crime is to erect a security barrier around your property. This can be in the form of a wall fence made out of brick or concrete. A wall fence should be just about sufficient to deter opportunist criminals.
  • Secondly, you should put yourself in a criminal’s position and evaluate ingress and egress points so you can figure out how to secure them. If you can see valuables through your windows then so can criminals. In that event it is important to remove all valuables from view so as to put off criminals.
  • Undertake some landscaping so as to eliminate or trim trees and shrubbery. Doing so will remove hiding spots that intruders can take advantage of.
  • It is also important that you introduce sufficient lighting that will illuminate the exterior of your house and enable you easily see if there are any intruders on your property.
  • Motion sensors are another great way to improve your home security from the outside. Motion sensors will work by detecting any movement around your yard.
  • Have some interaction with your neighbours and get to know them. Neighbours that know each other will in most instances look out for each other. This move can provide you with an extra layer of security especially when you are away from your home.

Protecting your home from the inside

  • One of the first thing homeowners do to secure their properties from the inside is to install security bars to their windows. Security bars are an excellent way to keep any unwanted guests out of the house.
  • It is also important that you develop a security conscious mindset and get into the habit of keeping gates and doors locked at all times.
  • Consider installing a robust security system to help protect your home. A sophisticated alarm system as well as a CCTV system that operates in real time are also great additions to your security arsenal. Moreover, you can enlist the services of a competent and well-resourced security company with a rapid response armed unit.
  • Another great way of securing your home, especially if it is a home you have recently moved into is by changing the locks. Also remember not to label your keys with your home address as criminals can steal these and make their way to your home.

These tips should help you better secure your home and aid you keep your family safe. In addition to the above, have the local police station on speed dial. That way you can quickly get in touch with them in case of an incident.




Teddy Chibanguza

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