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The do’s and don’ts of showing a property

The do’s and don’ts of showing a property

I personally believe that the person best placed to show you property to prospective buyers is you. After all no one has as much in-depth knowledge of the property as you have. I know the idea of showing your property on your own can be daunting, and outright frightening for some, but it need not be. Over the course of time experts have compiled some tips that will assist you during this entire process. Here is our guide and tips on the do’s and don’ts of showing a property. This simple but highly effective guide is full of essential information that will ensure the property viewing is smooth and will generate leads.

Items that will help in the property viewing process

Guided or unguided?

Open and free dialogue is essential throughout the viewing process. As such it is important to communicate with prospective buyers and enquire on whether they prefer a guided or unguided tour of the property. Ideally a scenario where potential buyers can have a walk through by themselves, as well as a guided tour yields better results. Most buyers prefer to have an initial examination of the property by themselves. Then afterwards have a guided tour where they can make enquiries. Ensure that you create an environment that allows buyers to explore the property freely. Encourage them to take their time. Remember to point out the highlights and key features of the property when conducting guided tours.

Highlight the key features

Each property is bound to have its strengths, as well as weakness. It is paramount that you point out, highlight and bring out the strengths of your home. Make sure you have profound knowledge of any benefits that not only add to the value of the property, but also make it more desirable. Examples of key features include any security and privacy enhancing features, as well as proximity to amenities, or any upgrades.

Go slowly but surely

When you are showing your home, it is very important that you take your time and don’t rush through the exercise. Do not merely go through the motions, but take very prospective buyer seriously and accord each of them sufficient time to get as many details of the property from you. Remember that it is important to create a comfortable environment that leads to a positive experience for every buyer. Remain cool, calm and collected so you do not plant any doubts in the minds of buyers as to why you are rushing to sell the property.


I simply cannot state enough just how important presentation is. Remember that presentation is key. Make sure that your home is neat and tidy, and that everything is in its proper place. With this in mind, ensure that there is order and that you create a homey atmosphere. Consider using scent enhancing items to create positive associations. However, presentation goes beyond just merely the cosmetic issues. Attend to any issues that require fixing or replacing. The more prospective buyers come across issues that require attention, the more they will feel the property requires a lot of work. Obviously this can dissuade them from buying the home, or propel the to require a reduction in the purchase price.

Be honest

The old age adage holds firm; honesty is truly the best policy. Keeping this in mind, be honest in disclosing all the issues that require attention. Just as every home has strengths, they also have weaknesses, ensure that a prospective buyer is fully aware of all of them prior to them committing to buying the property. If buyers perceive you to be dishonest that will create negative associations and shred your reputation to pieces.

Things to avoid when showing your home

Don’t disclose how long the property has been on market

If the property has been for sale for an extended period of time that could play on the psychology of potential buyers. Naturally buyers will start to question if there is anything wrong with the property. Moreover, don’t bring out how quickly you would like to close the sale as this usually makes buyers reluctant to put an offer to purchase. This is also because prospective buyers will begin to wonder why you want sell quickly and if there is anything wrong with property.

Remain impartial

Don’t get too familiar or too personal with any prospective buyer. Remember that this is a business transaction and should be conducted on that basis. Keep your focus strictly on selling the property as close to the asking price as possible. Do not voluntarily offer any information, you are there to show the property, as well as respond to questions.

Don’t be rigid

Do not be stubborn or rigid when it comes to price negotiations. Often you will be asked what the last price you are willing to accept is, be flexible and open to discussions. With the fluctuations in economic activity be open to realistic offers.


Teddy Chibanguza

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