How to create a backyard getaway

We have all seen those television shows that feature backyards that look out of this world. Unfortunately, most of us have always deemed such backyard marvels unattainable and merely a television illusion. However, it is actually quite possible to turn your backyard into the perfect outdoor oasis that oozes beauty and comfort. Here we take a look at how to create a backyard getaway that helps you and your visitors relax.

Add a deck

To start with, consider adding and dressing up your deck. Remember that a deck is an extension of the property that can be covered or uncovered. In most instances’ decks are constructed of wood or vinyl. Because a deck is attached to your home it is important that this space brings the indoors outside and vice versa. This will obviously entail that there should be cohesion between the interior space and the exterior. Consider adding different activity zones within your deck to help it stand out and create distinction. You can also separate different activity zones by using multiple levels to distinguish different functional areas of the deck. Lastly, you can use a variety of appropriate potted plans to help your deck blend with the rest of the garden and landscape.

Create a patio

Despite a great number of home owners using the terms deck and patio interchangeably, there is a clear distinction between the two. Typically, patios are constructed of concrete and can either be independent of the main structure or act as a welcoming extension of the house. With well thought out planning infused with creativity you can turn this area into a comfortable space that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy. Consider using stone, brick, or textured concrete to create a visually appealing patio. Moreover, these materials will help you achieve a more natural look. Remember that whether attached to the house or not, a patio is an extension of the home. As such, it is important that there is a seamless blend of the two structures. Remember that this is an outdoor area so it vital to incorporate furniture tat can withstand the weather elements.

Include an outdoor cooking space

An outdoor cooking space and kitchen is essential to adding to the aesthetics of the property. In addition, your outdoor kitchen will add a functional dimension to the property. Naturally your outdoor cooking space will require a grill or burner. Keep in mind that you will also need a countertop for food preparation. This countertop area can be multi-functional and thus include for storage for various items. Funds permitting you can add a sink and refrigerator to this area to enhance the outdoor cooking and dining experience.

Ensure privacy

Enhance your privacy by creating a sense of enclosure thereby making your backyard feel more like an oasis and luxurious getaway. Fences and garden walls are essential to creating privacy and demarcating the various sections of the garden. These are also vital in ensuring that you can relax in your space while eluding the views of your neighbours.

Infuse some shaded areas

It is important that you have a plan to help you and your visitors relax in your garden even during the extremely warm summer weather. As such, it is important that you creatively include some areas with shade in your garden and landscaping design. Consider using trees, gazebos, umbrellas or retractable awnings to provide relief from the harsh sun.

Furnish for comfort

As you shop around for appropriate furniture for your outdoor space it is important that you consider comfort and durability. In addition, it is essential that your furniture adds to the ambiance and general aesthetics of your outdoor area. Luckily, in the modern era homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces.

Add a gazebo

One of the best ways home owners can define outdoor spaces with structures is by adding a gazebo to their gardens. Regardless of whether the gazebo is attached to the main structure, patio, or is free standing, a gazebo offers a protected area for cooking, dining, and relaxing. Also consider other ways you can define and separate activity zones in your backyard. Provide appropriate transitions from area to another, and separate areas according to function.

Include a spa or hot tub

On the higher end of the spectrum, you can consider adding a hot tub or spa. However, it is important to point out that this will come with a great initial investment as well as maintenance costs. Despite the cost implications a hot tub or spa is the epitome of luxury. In addition, this form of investment might go a long way in adding to the overall value of the property.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is often not a priority for most homeowners, yet it is very important for creating the right ambiance. Needless to say, to truly enjoy your backyard long after the sun has set, include appropriate outdoor lighting. Bear in mind that your lighting options will work twofold. Firstly, your lighting should serve to illuminate access to the house. Secondly, your lighting should create and provide the right ambiance to help you and your guests unwind and relax. For the best results you should combine various lighting options to turn your backyard into a magical oasis.

Incorporate amenities

Lastly, you should seriously make use of various amenities that will add beauty as well as functionality to your backyard. Some of the amenities to consider include outdoor fireplaces for those cold winters, as well as fountains for that touch of class. Moreover, these amenities can also serve to create focal points that you can utilise to define spaces and activity zones within your backyard.

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