How to find a good plumber

It is inevitable that at one point or the other we need to carry out maintenance and repair tasks on our properties. And one of the areas that always requires frequent attention is in the plumbing region. When the time comes to carry out some plumbing tasks you may be pondering how to find a good plumber. After all there are so many crooked and incompetent people out there masquerading as tradesmen. The helpful tips contained in this guide will help you find a good plumber and have your plumbing issues addressed in no time.

Background and history

To start with, I always encourage homeowners to engage the services of professional institutions rather than individuals when it comes to finding tradesmen. However, even if you do go the route of an individual it is crucial that they are licensed and registered. This is something you should take serious and never compromise on. Resist the temptation to try and cut down costs by avoiding professional companies as this could have dire consequences down the line.

When you have identified an organisation or individual, it is important to check out their background and history. Ascertain their experience level by verifying the length of time they have been operational. This will also be crucial in determining if they are in a position to attend to your particular plumbing needs. Follow up on references so you can determine the kind of experiences other homeowners have had with that individual or company. This should be particularly easy when it comes to well established companies. Checking the plumber’s website or social media is usually a good place to start gathering references. Never work with a trades person that does not have a comprehensive portfolio of past works or references.

Check their information

Secondly, you should take the time to go over any information the plumber provides concerning their range of services. This helps you align their services with your particular plumbing needs. This is especially essential if you are faced with a complex plumbing issue. Remember that the question of the plumber’s experience really comes in focus at this stage. Again, I need to emphasise the importance of only engaging the services of a properly licensed and accredited plumber. This goes a long way is giving you a glimpse into the quality of work they can provide. As such it is important to review and verify their accreditation and affiliations. Moreover, ensure that any trades person whose services to employ is adequately and properly insured. It is also of great relevance to ascertain what is any warranty the plumber offers for their services.

Determine their location

The plumber’s geographic location and proximity to your residence is very important. This will determine the speed with which they can be on site to attend to any emergency plumbing issue you may be faced with. Also determine if the particular plumber in question offers after hours services. In addition to the plumber’s location, how well do you communicate with them? It is extremely advantageous to work with a plumber with whom communication is relatively easy. This ensures the repairs are carried out in the least possible amount of time. Moreover, it is an indication of the level of service the plumber offers.

Trust your first impression

A good place to start with when trying to identify a good plumber is checking out advertisements. An entity that takes the time, effort and resources to create professional advertisements, as well as register an online presence is usually a good starting point. Trust your first impression of the resources you come across. In addition, a professional website and decent social media presence are good signs. Take the time to either visit their premise physically or call them to clearly understand the range of services they offer. Ensure that your particular issue is a part of their core service strengths. If your potential plumber is quite difficult to get hold of then they might not be the best fit for you. After all what happens when you have an emergency and they are not reachable?

Confirm their prices

After a few plumbers for quotations so you can determine the average pricing for your plumbing needs. It also helps you appreciate the industry rate and enlighten you that you’re not being overcharged. Usually your plumber will have a call out fee they charge to send someone over to assess the extent of the damage and determine the nature of repairs and resources required. Ensure the call out is a fair amount and is in line with the standard rates being offered by other plumbers. Ensure that you issued with a written quotation prior to any works being done. Make sure you always insist on this.

Experienced plumbers should be in a position to issue you a written estimate of all the relevant costs and expenses involved in fixing your plumbing problem. This helps you to work out a budget and sort out your finances. Although we are all always on the lookout for means and ways to save, do not always go with the cheapest option. This is particularly so when the rate seems too good to be true. Getting a few quotations will help you appreciate the average cost of rectifying that particular problem and help you understand what you should expect to pay.

Evaluate their level of professionalism

There are always signs that you can look out for to evaluate the level of professionalism of a plumber or any other tradesmen. For example, a competent plumber should provide a specific time frame of how long the repairs will take. Moreover, professionalism means they will come to carry out the repairs and complete them in the pre-defined period of time. In addition, professionals appreciate the massive value of your property and as such respect it.

With this guide you can competently go on the search for a competent and experienced plumber. This will ensure that your property is respected and your plumbing needs are in good hands.

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