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Preparing your home for autumn

Preparing your home for autumn

With a season change upon us winter is quickly fading into a distant memory, giving way to autumn. The winds are gaining momentum, trees are looking bare and leaves are clogging up your gutter and driveway. Before autumn is here in full force, now is excellent time to undertake a few chores to better prepare your home for autumn. As the leaves change colour and fall, your home should also see some changes. You can start by making some slight decorative changes to keep in line with the season. But most importantly you need to make some preventative changes to deter damage to your property and your home. Here is a guide on preparing your home for autumn.

Clean your gutters

To start with, it is inevitable to have a lot of leaves fall into your gutters as the winds gain momentum. However, gutters are often overlooked when it comes to household maintenance. As such you will need to clean out your gutters before you have a serious problem that will require a lot of effort and money to rectify. Clean your gutters prior to the start of the autumn season as well as periodically throughout the season. Keep in mind that should your gutters become clogged and blogged then when the rain season is upon us you will have significant drainage issues. This is because the water your gutters are meant transport away from your home can flood into the house and cause massive damage.

Repair your roof

As autumn Is the season for very strong winds, it is important to check your roof for structural integrity. Ensure that all tiles or roofing sheets are fastened properly and void of damage. You must replace any damaged or missing roofing sheets to avoid a potential roof collapse. In the event you have a tiled roof then you must ensure there are no cracked or chipped tiles, replace if any.

Reverse your ceiling fans

If you already didn’t do this at the onset of the cold season, then now would be a great opportunity to reverse your reverse fans. This simply trick will help you generate warm air instead of a breeze, helping you stay warm. Reversing the blade direction on your ceiling fan will help you keep warm on a budget in the chilly weather.

Check your home for drafts

Winds bring with them chilly weather, as such carry out a thorough inspection of your property to make sure there are cracks or leaks. These cracks and leaks will let chilly weather in meaning you will spend more in heating costs. Check windows and doorways for any cracks or gaps and make sure to seal them or replace them. Remember that reducing heat loss through leakages is the simplest, yet most effective ways to stay warm and also reduce your energy bill.

Repair cracks in your driveway

Cracks can seem small and insignificant. However, what may seem like a minor crack can soon develop into a huge and costly issue. The strong winds will continue eating at the crack making it bigger and bigger. In addition, some plants or roots can grow through the cracks and expand them even further. Before you know it, what looked like insignificant cracks will a massive issue requiring substantial resources to fix. Never ignore or overlook any crack, rather repair them immediately to avoid headaches later on.

These simple yet hand tips will help you make the necessary changes to your home this autumn. It is always important to make the relevant changes to your home that go with the season. This will ensure that you are taking care of your investment and allowing it to have a long lifespan.


Teddy Chibanguza

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