Doors are simply panels that cover an opening. but in construction, it is more than that. An external door tells the story of the wonders that lie behind it. It is essential in the way it keeps things out or keeps things safely inside. It is a security measure as well as a statement of fashion. Doors give the first impression of a building it reflects the well-being, personality and beauty of its occupants.

One can never undermine the importance of a door in this century. It controls physical access and maintains privacy and safety. The door adds to the aesthetic view of the house and provide lighting and ventilation to various rooms depending on the design, they act as a noise barrier and prevent the spread of fire also help to manage the physical atmosphere of the room.

There are different types of doors just as there are different types of buildings. Doors can be classified according to the material used to make them, according to the design, according to their function or arrangement of components etc. The following are some common types of doors:

  • Flush door
  • Panel door
  • Glass door
  • PVC door
  • Steel door
  • Fiber glass door
  • Wooden or timber door, etc

To sum it all up your choice of a door will depend on the following crucial factors:

  • Function – does it satisfy the intended function
  • Ensure privacy, safety and security
  • Ease of use
  • Aesthetic look and appearance
  • Ease of repair and maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmental factors


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