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What buyers want in a new home

The rules of commerce apply to real estate as well. That is to say, there is a correlation between supply and demand. As a real estate developer or seller, you have to ensure your property caters to buyer’s needs. People looking to a home are more specific of their wants and needs. As such you have to endeavour to meet these demands to ensure a successful sale. In this blog piece, we have identified what buyers want in a new home.

Modern homes

The demand for modern contemporary homes has been on the rise in recent years. This is no wonder as the majority of home buyers are millennials. As such, you have to modernise your home or construction project to appeal to this type of buyer. It is also important to consider functionality in modern charm and design. Some of the aspects to consider include having an open floor plan, as well as fitted kitchens.


In the first place, I think it is safe to say that everyone is after value for money. With this in mind, modern amenities and comfort are top of most buyer’s lists. It is also important to add some unique features, in addition to high-quality finishes. Another consideration that cannot be overlooked is a functional layout that contributes to ease of use and comfort.


Space, which includes open floor plans, as well as ample yard space is a huge factor that buyers look at. Buyers also consider storage space, plus the size of rooms and interior space. In general, the more moderately sized rooms a home has, the greater the value. Keeping this in perspective, most buyers want a property with loads of space. Subsequently, this translates to greater property value in the long term.


In addition, home sellers need to be able to deliver a sustainable home design. This is because modern home buyers are socially conscious and altru­is­tic. As such, the architectural design must reflect a grew footprint as well as sustainability. Unfortunately, this cannot be ignored as it is at the forefront of the home buyer’s decision-making. Designing and construction start with your selection of materials. It is also important to include energy efficient appliances as well as anything that leaves a green footprint. However, no one wants more than they have to for anything. So work towards being socially, as well as budget conscious.


One of the most highly appreciated and sort after features by home buyers is privacy. Single-family homes that offer sufficient privacy often sell faster than any other property type. It is therefore worth keeping in mind as you consider your construction project. These values are so deeply engraved in construction projects that they simply cannot be ignored. After all, having personal space, as well as privacy is usually the leading of home ownership.

A great kitchen

Everyone wants a great kitchen that is fully-equipped. It is no wonder then that most buyers consider this a deal maker or breaker. Regardless of background, age or social standing, a great kitchen is desired by all. Fully equipped kitchens assist in raising the value of a property.

Bedroom to bathroom ratio

Most buyers are in the search for a three bedroom and two bathroom home. Anything higher will come with higher maintenance costs. In contrast, homes that come with less than three bedrooms and two bathrooms are viewed as lacking in space. Thus, three bedrooms and two bathrooms are considered ideal.

There are other factors that may swing buyers one way or another. However, the items listed above are among some of the most important things that buyers search for.


Teddy Chibanguza

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