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There are different types of roofing styles that are popular in southern Africa today. There is really no particular roof that is stipulated by the authorities so one just weighs the pros and cons to make a choice. It is important to choose wisely because the roof affects the image of the entire structure. The following are some common types:

Flat Roof

This kind of design is fairly easy to build and requires less material than pitched roofs, making them relatively cheaper. You also have more freedom as far as the design of the house is concerned. Nonetheless a  flat roof still needs a slight pitch for water drainage (a minimum gradient of 3-5 degrees is recommended). Most people install gutters to collect water draining off the roof.

Single pitch

“Pitch” refers to the gradient of the roof. A roof with a gradient of more than 15 degrees is classified as pitched. High-pitched roofs are usually more expensive to build as more material is required but these are also fairly common. The benefit, however, is that they are less inclined to leak because it is easier for water to drain away. A pitched roof can have one or more pitches.

Double pitch


A double pitch is actually what most people call a pitched roof. This roof’s gradient runs in two different directions and forms a ridge where they meet. The greater the gradient, the less inclined the roof will be to leak, yet more material is required to build the roof.


Once you have selected the type of roof you want the experts will advise on how to set up the trusses and how much material will be needed. it is important that the trussing is done professionally and all the forces that will be acting on the roof are taken into consideration.

The next big question will be what type of roofing sheets to use. Cheap in construction is expensive, always look for durability when selecting roofing sheets.

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Mubanga Sampa

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