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Rental application tips

Rental application tips

Many people underestimate the highly competitive nature of the rental market. Most renters get a rude awakening when they find themselves viewing a property with a multitude of other eager renters. Here are some rental application tips to ensure you give yourself the best chance of being the successful applicant.

Rental profile

A complete and verified rental profile is one of the most important aspects of the rental application process. It is also crucial that your rental profile includes employment and complete background checks. In addition, it must contain up to date rental history. To ensure you clinch the property make sure your profile is handy at all times to enable property owners to act on your application immediately. Furthermore, being in a position to submit a complete rental application before any other potential renter will show your seriousness and might prove to be the clincher in a rental race.

Here is what you need to create your rental profile;

1. Rental history

Rental history is a collection of the renter’s data, inclusive of current and previous rental information. This crucial rental information includes lease commencement and end dates, as well as, the addresses of the rented properties. Other information that is usually found in the rental history incorporates details of either the property manager or the owner. In most instances, you will probably get approved for a rental if you have a good rental report and positive references.

2. Employment record

Any property owner/ manager will inevitably want to verify the renter’s ability to pay rent. In addition, a constant, reliable and verifiable source of income is a massive bonus. Crucial attachments include a few recent payslips, as well as, recent bank statements. These documents will go a long way in highlighting your financial status and ability to pay rent.

3. Supporting documents

  • Firstly, you will need authentic proof of identity with a photo, in the form of an ID card, passport or drivers license.
  • Secondly, you will require suitable reference letters from past and present employers and landlords.

4. Cover letter

A cover letter can also quickly set you apart from other applicants and exponentially increase your chances of securing the rental. In addition, you should include a short summary of your rental history and be sure to include any special issues.


Teddy Chibanguza

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