A guide to exterior makeovers

Altering the exterior of your home can add significantly to your property value, as well as, the curb appeal. As far as home improvement projects go outer makeovers are maybe the least troublesome. As such, you can go about everyday life whilst carrying out the renovations. Here is a guide to exterior makeovers and what you can do to give your home’s exterior a new lease of life.


Cladding refers to the covering or coating on a structure or material. In the first instance, with regards to consolidating materials, there are those that normally sit well together. In contrast, there are also blends which are best avoided, both for aesthetic, as well as, practical reasons. Additionally, with regards to changes to the outer façade of the structure, homeowners regularly approach the front and the back with varying frames of mind. Firstly, you must create curb appeal by ensuring the house fits within the streetscape. And then you must strive to create a balance and connection between interior spaces and the garden.

Some of the benefits that you will get from the cladding procedure over the long haul include:

  • The extended service life of the structure
  • Increased value of the structure
  • Improved appearance
  • Elimination of inside issues
  • Reduction of upkeep costs
  • Decreased energy costs

Lastly, there are numerous sorts of cladding materials accessible. Their use is heavily reliant upon the idea of your development and redesign venture.

The front door

In the first instance, you should endeavour to make your front entryway exude a welcoming feeling. It is also important to introduce additions that will emphasise the entryway and help pinpoint the front door. Subsequently, the aim is to improve the symmetry of the front elevation of the home. After all your front door is where smiles should begin, for the homeowner, as well as for visitors. Tip: One of the best and cheapest ways to inject a new lease of life into your existing front door is to paint it a bold colour. Examples of colours that you can use include; mustard, pink, blue and grey.


In most instances, exterior makeovers are accompanied by a windows makeover. Windows are crucial to improving the look, as well as, the aesthetics of a property. You can either repair and restore existing windows which will offer huge savings. Alternatively, you can replace windows, as well as, alter their positioning to improve the general appeal of the property.


Before you rush into a roof update, consider:

  • The overall aesthetics and style of the property
  • The cost of the update and the budget at hand
  • The condition of the existing roof

Supplanting the rooftop covering will, obviously, increase the property’s appeal, as well as, improve the structural integrity of the house. However, the downside of adding a new roof is the price which can be exponentially high.


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