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Money saving tips for renters

Money saving tips for renters

In case you’re living in a rental property, its an obvious fact that setting aside some cash while managing everyday life as well as paying rentals is no small task. However, you’ll be happy to realise that there are approaches to get some additional funds moving toward your bank account. So whether you are putting something aside for a home deposit, a special occasion or an emergency, here are some money saving tips for renters.


In the event that you are living near a city centren, then you’re presumably paying much more in rentals for this comfort. However, in the event that you move somewhat further from the city, your rentals will probably reduce. The further away from the city you live, the less competition for housing and therefore better value for your money. Subsequently this¬†this means more cash for your bank account.

Sharing accommodation

Sharing the lease with somebody will dependably be less expensive than paying for a spot all on your own. Also, including an additional individual or individuals to your living space implies you can share the expense of the lease. In addition, sharing bills for utilities will make things a lot less demanding on your financial balance.

Downsizing your rentals

Alternatively, cutting back to a smaller space could be the way to getting your funds on track. Although it is preferable to have loads of space and independence, but the savings could significantly improve your finances.

Electricity usage

As much as 40 percent of all power being utilized in a home is used when appliances are off or in backup mode.

  • Unplugging appliances at the source is the surest method to spare electricity and in this manner set aside extra cash.
  • You ought to consider putting resources into smart technology, as well as, energy saving appliances. They will consume less electricity and accordingly lessen your spending on power.


Resist the urge and temptation to spend a significant amount of money on furnishings. As your needs, earnings and lifestyle change, you’ll find yourself not needing much of that furniture. Consider acquiring decent used furniture to cut on your spending and save money. Moreover, you can acquire various items of furniture from friends and family for low prices and in most instances for free. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the magnitude of savings you’ll be able to achieve.

Cutting on transport costs

You can save a great deal of money by living close to public transport or in an area that won’t require you to use your vehicle often. When searching for a place to live think about its nearness to public transport, eateries, general stores, entertainment, schools and so on. The less you need to drive the more you can save.

Expenditure on food

One of the most underrated expenses is the amount used on eating and dining out. Cooking and preparing your own meals will generally save you between 50 – 70 per cent of the cost of eating out. Almost all the time cooking your own meals will save you money over eating out.

These are just some of the small but highly effective means by which you can achieve savings. If you have any other contributions to add to this list of tips on how to save please be at liberty to share with us.


Teddy Chibanguza

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