Mkushi town

Mkushi is a town that is located in the central province of Zambia. The town which lies on the Great North Road is full of energy and life. The town acquired it’s name from Mkushi River and has a population of roughly 123,150 people. Mkushi is situated 300 kilometres from Lusaka, 156 kilometres from Kabwe, and 92 kilometres from Kapiri Mposhi. Here is our article on geatting to know Mkushi town a bit better.

About Mkushi

World-class commercial farming has gained Mkushi regional recognition. The continued arrival of farmers to the region and their subsequent financial success has made Mkushi a crucial contributor to Zambia’s national food production and security.

Mkushi shares it’s northern border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. To the east, Mkushi shares it’s border with Serenje, while in the south-east is Nyimba district in Eastern Province. In the north-west, Mkushi shares its boundary with the Copperbelt Province and Luano district is in the south.


Mkushi’s business and trade sector is doing extremely well due to the farming activities, as well as it’s tourism industry. Large scale farming of wheat, soya beans, tobacco and maize takes place in the area. Furthermore there are a few game farms, as well as livestock farms in this agricultural belt of Zambia. Other than maize, small-scale farmers also grow cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, sorghum, finger millet and tomatoes. Due to the large scale farming, Mkushi’s commercial farms are a large source of employment in the region. In addition you will find many stalls, local products, shops, souvenirs and great restaurants in the area.

Tourist attractions

The town of Mkushi is strategically positioned near two very popular tourist attractions, namely the Changwena Falls and Fort Elwes. Additionally, Mkushi Country Club is home to the M-Fest. This annual cultural and sporting festival is extremely popular.

Other activities

Mkushi offers a wide spectrum of fun activities and enthralling attractions for everyone. Things to do in Mkushi include the following:

  • Fishing;
  • Hiking and Biking;
  • Local culture.


Mkushi boasts a host of fantastic tourist accommodation. A visitor to Mkushi is spoilt for choice in regard to comfortable lodgings. For example; bed and breakfasts, hotels, self-catering units, guest houses and camping sites are found throughout the town.

However, despite all the economic activity in this area, it is one of the most underdeveloped areas in Zambia. Geographically it is divided into urban and rural settlements.

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