5 presale ‘fix-ups’ that will help you sell your home

It’s every seller’s dream to sell their home quickly and for the best price. Often the dilemma is whether to sell as is or to renovate prior to going to market. It has been our experience that a little bit of sprucing up makes all the difference. We look at 5 presale ‘fix-ups’ that will help you sell your home and have you smiling all the way to the bank. It’s important to realise that having your home look its best goes a long way towards making a sale happen. Simple additions and alterations to your home could turn a ‘maybe’ into an offer to purchase.

1. Paint

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of first impressions. You’d be surprised at what a simple coat of paint can do in terms of altering perceptions and creating a positive impression. Painting has an immediate impact as it gives the home an immediate facelift.

Light, neutral colours are the most effective at giving buyers a sense of the space within a room. They also let potential buyers envision decorating ideas. This is also an opportunity to rectify any blemishes, patch and fill any cracks or holes in walls. The best paint job in the world could be undone by poor lighting, so the smart move would be to ensure that your lighting is of the same standard as your brand new paint.

2. Lighting

Change all dated light fixtures and fittings. We recommend a transition toward more modern and energy efficient lighting options. This will definitely get a nod from potential buyers. Find the right balance between the correct shade and temperature of light. This can mean the difference between a room being warm and inviting or cold and sterile.

3. Curb appeal

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is important that you get it right the first time and make a lasting impression. This is where curb appeal comes in.

The exterior of your home is the first thing that buyers see, as such your home’s curb appeal should be on point. This creates the desire in the buyer to want to see more of your property.

  • fix and replace broken fencing,
  • clean, clear and rid gutters of leaves and dust,
  • apply a fresh coat of paint or touch up areas that look tired,
  • pay some attention to the landscaping by trimming overgrown trees, mowing the lawn and giving the driveway a good scrubbing.

4. Kitchen

Other than being one of the most used rooms in a home, a kitchen is also the heart of the home. Although a complete kitchen remodel might not be necessary, a few touch-up’s can give the room a new look. Effective changes include:

  • changing the cabinet doors or handles,
  • altering the colours of cabinets and edging,
  • steam cleaning paired with some modern lighting options that highlight the positive attributes of the spaces and finishes.

5. Bathroom

If you’re serious about having a great first impression and making a quick sale then you need to renovate your bathroom.

While renovating the bathroom may be costly the results are instantly noticeable. Buyers are known to show more interest in homes with updated bathrooms and kitchens. For an instant facelift update flooring, introduce a new tub and add new faucets, this will surely add value to your property.

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