Safeguarding your property over the holidays

The Cristmas – New Year period is a time for most families to travel away for an annual holiday. Unfortunately there is more to preparing for this trip than just packing the bags, making travel arrangements and sorting out accommodation. This is because this is also the period when burglars are on the prowl and are at their most active. Here are some tips to help in safeguarding your property over the holidays.

1. Check and secure all locks

Replace any faulty locks on doors, windows and any other entry points. Ensure you do this before you heard off on your travels as this is a crucial step in deterring criminals. When you leave triple check that all ingress and egress points are secure. Have someone else also go round the property and check that all is secure.

2. Activate your security system

If you have a security system, do not forget to activate it for that added security. Let your security company know that you will be away so they can be extra vigilant with watching your property. Remove any spare key(s) hidden outside in the vicinity of your home .

3. Let your house look occupied

Dark and unoccupied houses provide adequate cover for thieves to hide their activities. To counter this consider installing exterior motion detector sensor lights that come on if anyone comes in close proximity to the house. Additionally, add timer switches to some of your interior lights so they come on for a specified period of time each night. Adding a timer switch to your television is excellent as the noise will give the impression someone is home.

4. Keep an eye on your property from your holiday

Modern advances in technology have facilitated for IP monitored security systems. Such a system will allow you to;

  • arm and disarm your alarm system remotely,
  • receive instant notifications of security breaches,
  • manage and automate home appliances,
  • visually check in your home.

This is a smart and convenient way to keep an eye on your property, but it comes at a significant cost.

5. Mind what you share on social media

Don’t be too social! Social media enables you to share pictures of your holiday and adventures with loved ones. But it also lets everyone know you’re not home. Be circumspect in how and what you share. Consider waiting until you’ve returned from your holiday to share your adventures.

6. Engage a trusted neighbour

Enlist the aid of a trusted and reliable neighbour to keep an eye on your place. Your neighbour can also assist by collecting your mail and contacting you in the event something happens.

7. Validate your insurance

Make sure your home and contents insurance is up to date, paid and valid. Do this before you head off on holidays! It would be devastating to only realise after an incident that your insurance is invalid. If you do not have home and contents insurance then seriously consider getting it. This will go a long way in giving you peace of mind and enabling you to actually enjoy your holiday anxiety free.

These are small but very significant steps to ensuring your property is safe whilst you’re away. Happy Holidays!

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