Pets and rental homes

Pets and rental homes

Owning a pet or pets and living in a rental property don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Frankly speaking there is a large number of landlords who refuse to allow animals on the rental premises. Now that we know pets and rental homes don’t always mix here’s what you can do. This blog article will help ensure you and your animals remain on the good side of your landlord.

There is a numerous variety of reasons why animals may not be welcomed onto rental properties. Of great significance is the mayhem and destruction to properties and gardens that animals may cause.

What to do

1. Understand the lease

First and foremost fully understand what the lease says on the topic of pets. This is in terms of whether pets are allowed on the property and if yes then how many. In the absence of any mention in the lease do not assume it’s a given that pets are allowed.

2. Pick the right pets

Those who are considering buying a pet after they’ve moved in should conduct some research about the various pets and breeds before making a decision. There are some pets and specific breeds of pets that are more suited to house habitation and are less likely to cause damage to a property.

3. Repair damage

As a tenant that’s bound by a lease to look after a rental property, keep a close eye on your animals and repair any damage as soon as it occurs.

4. Pay attention to the pets

Understand your pet and its various needs and attend to them expediently. Some destructive behaviour is simply a way to get attention or lash out due to neglect.

All in all keeping animals can be a very rewarding experience. Additionally some pets are excellent as far as security goes, they can literally be lifesavers. However, do not under any circumstances allow your pets to destroy a home as this can lead to serious ramifications. Any destruction on a property can result in the landlord cancelling a lease agreement or insisting that a higher deposit be paid in order to cover any potential damage which will have to be repaired once you move.

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