Five tips to protect your home this summer


Five tips to protect your home this summer

Typically during this period of the year most people are counting down the days before their summer getaway. Don’t forget that while you’re off relaxing your home could be vulnerable. With all the excitement of heading on holiday, your main concerns are probably making sure you’ve packed everything and you don’t miss your flight. But it’s just as important to consider what you are leaving behind and make sure that your home and its contents are safe. To give you peace of mind we have provided five top tips to protect and keep your home safe this summer.

1. Get the aid of a neighbour

Enlist the aid of a trusted neighbour or family member to keep an eye on your home. Additionally they can even make a visit every few days or so while you’re away. This gives the general appearance that the house is occupied and makes it appear as though someone is coming and going. Usually this is enough to put off anyone that might be watching your home.

2. Use technology

Make technology your new best friend, whether you’re leaving your home unattended for the holidays or you’ve just stepped out for a bit. Items to take advantage of include;

  • Smart doorbells with built-in video cameras
  • Infrared lighting (for when it’s dark)
  • Motion detectors
  • Indoor security cameras
  • Smart lighting

All these technologies can be linked to interface directly with your smartphone and are great to deter burglars and help you keep an eye on who is coming and going from your home.

3. Avoid social media

We live in a world where social media has become a big part of our everyday life. Undoubtedly we all get excited about going on holiday and want our family and friends to share in the experience. But it’s best not to broadcast this on social media. Potential thieves spend countless hours checking social media channels to determine when to target homes. Tip: Put up your pictures once you’ve returned, rather than when your property is empty.

4. Engage a security company

Hiring a security company to provide physical security is a great idea if you’re going away for a considerable period of time. A security guide is crucial to not only keeping an eye on the house, but is physically there to deal with other unexpected and unplanned issues.

5. Prepare for the weather

Safety for your home is not just in reference to burglars, thieves and break-ins. Ensure you have adequately prepared for the weather elements. The Zambian summer is famously temperamental with strong winds and thunder storms. These could cause serious damage so make sure you put away or tie down any items that could blow over or be swept away. Lately Zambia has been experiencing serious flooding during the rainy period so ensure you have prepared for this scenario should it occur.

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