Title Deeds

Title Deeds

What are Title Deeds?

Our article will delve into answering the question ‘What are Title Deeds’?

We will expertly explore how to access title deeds and any other information you may need to know regarding them.

What are title deeds and why do we need them?

A title deed is a document that provides a detailed history pertaining to the ownership of land and property since it’s registration. The document contains all the necessary details and important information about the property. Contents of Title Deeds are inclusive of a comprehensive property description, dimensions and exact size.

Historically, the ultimate purpose of title deeds is purely to keep track of the ownership history of a property or land. Within the document will be attached a full history of the property, including any mortgages secured, conveyances, contracts for sale, wills, leases and a description of the property.

Property burdens are also included in the title deeds. These obligations must be met, and can include:

  • Repairs and maintenance to the property
  • Information regarding restrictions on altering the property, such as building extensions
  • Access and rights of way for the property
  • Any restrictions on using the property to run a business
  • Whether or not the property owners holds rights to any roads that cross the property

Importance of title deeds

  1. An original title deed defines proof of ownership of a property or piece of land.
  2. Title deeds provide comprehensive details on a property.
  3. In the event of a property sale original title deeds are required for registration at the deeds office.
  4. In instances of registration of a further bond, the original title deed is required so an endorsement may be made to register the new mortgage bond.

How to access title deeds

In order  to access title deeds to a property, you will need to contact the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. If is registered you will then be able to start the process of obtaining a copy of your property’s deeds. Please note, requesting copies of your property information does incur a fee.

How to transfer title deeds

Addition or removal of names from a property’s ownership record can be an extremely complicated and daunting experience. We strongly recommend seeking professional reassurance from a solicitor who will provide help and guidance.

There exist numerous reasons for a homeowner to transfer or change their property deeds. Homeowners may want to add their spouses, or partners name to the deeds. Other factors may include death or divorce, resulting in the deeds needing to be updated. Property owners may wish to pass on property to a family member or child as part of a will or inheritance.

Lost or destroyed deeds

It is inevitable at one point or another title deeds may come up missing or become destroyed.

One of the most common issues homeowners face with paper title deeds. The original physical documents will have been passed through lenders and solicitors for different homeowners. It’s not always a straightforward process to locate the original deeds.

Replacement copies of the deeds to your property can be obtained from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources for a stipulated fee.


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