Owning rental property in the rapidly growing Lusaka city can be the very best investment return on your hard earned cash.

The bustling city is gaining much needed rental properties/commercial property from both foreign and local investors. Who are cashing in on the skyrocketing rentals.

From the previous articles on the beauty of investing in this peace-loving nation, particularly the various residential homes in the city of Lusaka. The city is evenly spread out in terms of houses for rent with the current developing places being in the:

  • Southern
  • Northern
  • Eastern part of the city


The southern part of the city of Lusaka

Viewing the city from the southern part, you will find recently developed residential areas of

  • Kamwala south
  • Libala south
  • Lusaka south multi-facility zone
  • Chalala Rockfield
  • Lilayi extension

These upcoming suburbs are currently receiving a lot of face lifts in terms of rental properties as many individuals and corporate put up various structures to accommodate the huge demand for apartments for rent and the fact that they have the advantage of being near the main business district and boost of having new road networks

  • Good schools
  • Hospitals
  • Security
  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Electricity access


Available facilities from the southern part of Lusaka

In addition to the above, newly built modern apartments for rent are quite available and ideal for any kind of family size starting from small to large family units.

Regarding road network, must mention that these places are very much interconnected with many small roads with the main road been the Tokyo way which is some kind of a ring road.

That connects with most of the major road networks in the main heart of the central business area of the city and other facilities such as school and health are easily accessible.

“Nearby of ministries of health and education”

The ministry of the government of the Republic of Zambia has set up public learning institutions. Allowing many private learning institutions to operate.

Inspiration from a local real estate investor

According to Mr Tembo a local real estate investor who happens to own about 25 apartments for rent in Kamwala south and Chalala Rockfield.

He mentioned that Lusaka city is bustling with people from all walks of life, looking for rental properties and that Kamwala south, Libala south and Chalala are just one of those places where you can find families and boarding students alike hustling for rental homes as they have become popular and most preferred due to the above-mentioned facilities and the fact that one of the top medical universities in the country happens to be located in the area.


The City Within a City

Finally in concluding this piece of article it can be mentioned that places such as Lilayi and the newly setup Lusaka multi-facility zone boost of having medium, small holding farms as well as industrial zones of which most corporate are currently massively investing in the so-called new city of Lusaka that will be able to accommodate both home and commercial property in the medium to long-term. Lilayi extension having a mixer of residential. Small farm holdings of which it is linked with Chalala through one main Kasama road.

It just takes a few minutes of drive time to connect with the rest of Lusaka.

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