How To Be A Dream Tenant

How To Be A Dream Tenant

A property is an asset that a landlord  will have an emotional attachment with. Understandably it can be quite difficult for a landlord to find a good tenant to trust with their asset. You would be amazed at the lengths landlords would go to find qualified tenants for their rental properties. This guide will assist you know more about ‘How To Be A Dream Tenant’ and thereby become a qualified tenant.

In the context of this guide we will view a qualified tenant as a good tenant with  a proven track record. Qualified tenants have exhibited financial responsibility and rule-abiding behaviour. This behaviour indicates their ability to pay rentals and not damage the property.

Pay rent

It goes without saying that you need to be a tenant who pays rentals on time. You must appreciate what due diligence needs to be performed to ensure you can pay the rent.

Treat the property like your own

This is better said than done, however; take pride in ownership of your rental property. Taking care of a rental property will ensure the return of your security deposit and build a great landlord – tenant relationship. Having a great relationship with the landlord is critical to getting recommendations when you decide to move.

Communicate maintenance issues

Wear and tear is to be expected, but preventing tenant caused property damage is ideal. A responsible and ideal tenant will always take not of any maintenance issues. Any maintenance issue that requires attention should be quickly communicated to the landlord.

Respect and abide by the lease

A lease agreement is a binding contract that is designed to protect both parties. This document needs to be understood and signed by both the landlord and the tenant. A dream tenant will consult with the landlord before doing anything that is contrary to the lease agreement.

Long-term guests

A good and responsible tenant will not go behind the landlord’s back and sneak in secret roommates. Consultations and deliberations should always be undertaken with the landlord before admitting any long-term guests. This is more so important should there be an incident involving the guest.

Tenant maintenance

The bulk of the maintenance responsibilities fall on the landlord but there are certain things the tenant may be required to do. A great tenant will ensure they understand their responsibilities and will actually carry them out. A tenant’s maintenance responsibilities should be outlined in the rental agreement so they understand their contractual obligation in regards to maintaining the property properly.

Renters insurance

A dream tenant will have active renters insurance. Renters insurance is extremely important for two reasons;

  • It will help cover the cost of replacing a tenant’s stolen or damaged personal possessions.
  • It can also cover the cost of damage caused to the property by negligence.


Arguably the most important quality of a good tenant is honesty. Honesty is one tool that can help put things into perspective for the landlord.

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