Why Choose Be Forward Real Estate?


Why Choose Be Forward Real Estate?

When anyone is in the market for a product or service they want to engage the relevant market leader. Working with a market leader means you benefit from their extensive resources, vast connections, huge knowledge base and profound expertise. For that very reason whenever you’re thinking anything real estate in Zambia, think Be Forward Real Estate. Naturally many would be inclined to pose the question, ‘Why Choose Be Forward Real Estate?’ among all the other real estate companies in Zambia.

Be Forward

The Be Forward brand is associated with the Japanese used vehicle export market. Be Forward is the epitome of excellent customer service and is synonymous with customer satisfaction, honesty, integrity, and quality products and services. Quite simply put we’re the market leader! Very few individuals purchase a vehicle from Japan without having first thought of Be Forward, or visiting the Be Forward online platform. It is this customer confidence that we bring to the fore.

Be Forward Real Estate

Be Forward Real Estate (BFR) is an extension of the dynamic and globally powerful Be Forward brand. BFR can be viewed as a greatly coordinated marketplace that encourages the interaction of buyers, sellers, agents, developers, investors and all relevant stakeholders from all over the world. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the market, vast global network, innovation, attention to detail, personal follow-ups, teamwork, and ability to deliver on time. These values are engraved in our service and are evident throughout our processes.

Still wondering why to choose Be Forward Real Estate?

Here are 5 reasons to help simplify that decision so you can quickly start to enjoy all we have to offer.

5 reasons to choose Be Forward Real Estate

1. Market Knowledge

Our highly trained team of professionals all come with long histories of providing great service.

Be Forward Real Estate team members are not only sales people.

We are trusted professionals with reputations beyond question.

Our great insight into the Zambian real estate sphere strategically placed us at the forefront of this space.

We have extensive knowledge of the Zambian real estate marketplace ensuring that we are able to deliver favourable results to our clients in record time. We have gone to great lengths to invest in staff training, market analysis, and data analytical tools, with the sole objective of meeting all of our client’s needs.

2. Unparalleled expertise

BFR has the unparalleled expertise to get the job done. This comes from more than 20 years of combined experience & education. The BFR team offer in-depth knowledge, expert negotiating skills and excellent market exposure. We can intelligently and with genuine enthusiasm undertake any real estate project and achieve the desired outcome. With a proven track record of out-marketing and out-networking the competition, BFR is your number one real estate partner. We have built our business one satisfied customer at a time.

3. Local presence

BFR has a local presence in Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka and affiliates in the other nine provinces. We know the neighborhoods, the schools, market conditions and the local economy. As standard business practice our expert team do the leg-work, keeping our esteemed customers up-to-date with new listings and conditions as they impact the market. We provide superior support, availing ourselves to answer any questions and attend to any enquiries any stakeholders may have.

4. Innovative

We are “high tech”! We utilize the latest systems and the most up-to-date technology for your benefit. Being innovative allows us to generate buyers and to allow the team to network on your behalf.

Meaning that we have time to work with you personally.

Operating with a large database of clients. We place your property where it needs to be to sell and use the latest technology.

The media along with traditional publications to give you the best possible outcome.

5. Global exposure on our interactive internet site

Our marketing plan works. It includes everything from newspaper to internet to direct mail to social media & more.

In addition, through the online platform Be Forward Real Estate is available 24/7. An online presence means we are accessible world wide, providing valuable information even outside of office hours.

There is no denying of the power Be Forward brand name.
with an annual investment exceeding USD $500,000.00 in marketing, advertising, branding and brand awareness, it is no wonder the company’s site places in the top 15 of the ‘Most Frequently Searched Companies globally.

That is a SMART partner!

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