How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

A home is more than just a place where you lay your head, it is meant to be your domain and above all your sanctuary. Your sanctuary can be a place to recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally. Finding a sanctuary in our modern world isn’t always easy. Many of us work at home, or take work home from the office. Here we have compiled some great tips on How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary.

Home is where the heart is and it’s a place to recuperate, rejuvenate, and recharge. With just a little bit of thought and effort a home can be transformed into an oasis. Innovative home modifications will create a conducive and supportive environment necessary for the improvement of your entire well being.

So how do you design a space that reflects that for you? This has a lot to do with the atmosphere and mood of your home and the good thing is that all it takes are a handful of simple changes.

1. Clear cutter

Decluttering can be a total life revolution in itself.

A chaotic and messy home can lead to anxiety and stress. The first step in this critical process is to get rid of anything thats not used. It is important to note that this may be the hardest step for many. However; the more we simplify the more our minds can actually relax into our environment. Tip: Be thorough, objective, and honest with yourself about what you don’t need.

2. Plants and Fresh Air

Fresh air and plants are naturally soothing to the nerves. Adding the following touches will make your home ooze with serenity. Start by bringing in some plants. Yellow and green leafy plants are known to have a calming effect and make us feel at one with nature. The stunning and stylish appeal has the added benefit of also freshening up the air in your home. This  is great for making people feel more relaxed. Our senses are finely tuned to perceiving fresh air and plants, and it gives us a natural sensation of pleasure to have them around.

3. Eliminate odours / Add scents

Make use of aromatherapy bubble baths, essential oil diffusers and even pure incense to help your body unwind more easily. Scents are especially crucial to flood the air with layers of sensory goodness. There is nothing that feels more relaxing than coming home to the smell of a beautiful candle or diffuser burning. Tip: Scents that are known for helping with relaxation include lavender and rose.

4. Transform your bathroom into a spa

Converting a bathroom into an everyday spa can be achieved with a few simple touches. Towels in a variety of colours associated with nature will make it look and feel like a real spa. Nothing is better for defining luxury more than gold details in a bathroom. Integration of gold detail is relatively simple and couldn’t be easier. Tip: To attain this elegant look consider swapping current handles and faucets for gilded updates. Your bathroom will instantly feel more luxe and lovely.

5. Create a ‘happy spot’

Regardless of  how small your living space is, you can find a spot to create a little happy place. Your happy place is where you go to when you need to regroup or relax. Tip: To create a happy spot;

  • Choose a seat that you feel comfortable in; e.g. a sofa or beanbag on the floor.
  • Play your favourite music, this can be anything that helps you unplug and unwind.
  • Keep some personal visual stimulus close by to keep you focused on what makes you happy; e.g. family photos.

The general idea is to create a safe little haven that you can escape to for a few moments when you need some calming.


The reality is in today’s ever chaotic and highly demanding world, it has become increasingly more crucial than ever to find a way to relax and de-stress. Recent studies and research are pointing to a very simple yet practical solution: give your home a revamp and turn it into a retreat.

Adding a few simple homely touches can create an ambience that suits your needs and help you feel more positive and relaxed. All of this can be achieved without blowing the budget!

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